You can’t suppress me!

I had my suppression check today and my E2 level was still too high to continue. So I take Lupron for another week and my transfer gets pushed back by a week, making my transfer day November 19 (which was our original plan). Ok, no big deal. right?

I also met with a nurse I have never met face to face before. But we have communicated several times. She was so warm. She talked about how she felt as though she already knows me and that she is really hopeful that Joey and I will end up with a baby from this cycle. She also told me that the donor we are using this time is great. She is petite– kinda like me. The nurse said our donor has a great history of high quality eggs. I am hopeful but nervous. What if Joey and I made the wrong decision? What if Joey should be the one to try to get pregnant? What if, what if, what if???



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14 responses to “You can’t suppress me!

  1. insertmetaphor

    I know the what if game. You just have to trust that this is the right decision and you will figure out another plan if it is not. But I agree with the nurse, you should get a baby from this cycle!

  2. tireegal68

    Oh honey! Of course you can be supressed! I am sending very suppressing thoughts to you now. But seriously I don't blame you for the what Ida. Try to face forward and keek going. But can I ask a question? What is this whole suppression thing? Does it mean your ovaries are still doing a little dance and acting up? Of course that makes me wonder about my own suppression – but methinks this old ladies eggs ( mine) are very sluggish.Your donor sounds really really cute and what a nice nurse too!The good news is that our BFPs will be in a row, one after the other! I find it so easy to be optimistic about other nice peeps but a little doldrummy myself. We can do it! Ra ra ra!

  3. tireegal68

    I mean what if not what Ida!

  4. Malea

    What if you get a BFP?What if youi carry fullterm?What if the labor is short and sweet?What if you have a healthy baby(ies)?What if it just all works out?

  5. Lara (NoodleGirl)

    I am sticking my thumb on my laptop screen (which would give DH a heart attack if he could see it, germs!) to help suppress you! YOU WILL BE SUPPRESSED! I bet that extra week of Lupron will be just the ticket.

  6. Best When Used By

    Somehow I knew that no one could suppress you! Well, I meant that in a nice way. I hope the lupron does the trick. Yay for the nice nurse and a bigger yay for a proven donor with fab eggs (and cute never hurts either!). I think that questioning things is normal. Was this the right decision? Should we have taken a different route? Just trust yourselves and forge ahead. Just another month! I am SO looking forward to you being pregnant!

  7. Bean stalk ballads

    Hon I am going to be getting my transfer right on the same time frame all going well… I am so gonna be gunning for you… you know it.

  8. anofferingoflove

    wow, the nurse sounds wonderful – so nice of her to offer those words of encouragement and details about the donor. i second malea ~ what if this cycle brings your beautiful baby (babies) into your arms? this cycle just seems destined – with the great financial deal your clinic offered and the awesome donor, i have a good feeling for ya'll!

  9. Pufferfish

    I think most of us have played the what if game. I know I certainly did when it came time to decide whether I should try again or just leave it up to Chicken. But, it sounds like your clinic has offered up a great deal and things are really coming together.Now, just sending you massive Lupron suppression vibes…..

  10. Meredith

    To bastardize a Monty Python skit: Help, help, I'm being suppressed!Down E2 levels down!I think Malea has it right- and I think there's a country song with similar lyrics that you should listen to over and over and over :c)Hugs!

  11. thebao

    So glad to hear that you had a good nurse experience and that the new donor is so promising. Best of luck and go, Lupron, go!


    Oh those damn what if's! I hate them. All you can do is your best my dear and that should be enough. I like Malea's list of what if's the best. How did you like SLC? Beautiful but a little kookoo too right? I can't wait for a BFP for you and Joey. I want it for you so, so badly.

  13. Next in Line

    You are way too cool to be suppressed easily! This whole fertility business is such a gamble. You sound like a good bet this cycle, so go forth and enjoy.

  14. Mina

    I really hope this is it for you, mama! I'm glad you had a great experience with the nurse, and that you are happy with the donor! I'm hoping this week will fly by for you 🙂

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