Gratuitous kitten pics

Because some days you just need a little kittie love.


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12 responses to “Gratuitous kitten pics

  1. Bean stalk ballads

    can I say Cindy I too own a persian… a dollface baby who is blue. I will upload his pic on my site…. I got him when a donor pulled out and can I say that baby just gives me so much joy. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous little bundles because they made my heart lift today.

  2. Lara (NoodleGirl)

    So cute! I love the pic in the bookcase, hee hee! Kittens are the best! (Puppies too!)

  3. anofferingoflove

    how in the world did that kitty get herself wedged in the bookshelf like that?! 🙂 too cute!!

  4. insertmetaphor

    It's too much cute! Actually, it's not too much cute, but, man is it a lot!Thanks for the pictures!

  5. Meredith

    :::swoon::: Your furry creature pics made my morning.

  6. glamcookie

    CUTE! I sure love the kitties!

  7. C.I.W.

    How cute are THEY??!!And, because I notice things– what an amazing DECK!!!! Is that your YARD? Gawd- I need to move out of the city.


    Freaking adorable!!!

  9. Mina

    Way too cute for words!!

  10. Best When Used By

    Sweet and cute and yes, everyone needs some sweet kitty photos every now and then. I just wish I could pet and nuzzle them!

  11. thebao

    Aww. So FLUFFY!

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