Three dirty dogs

All my babies are home again. Joey and I are two happy mamas this evening.

We spent the entire day calling rescue organizations, going to shelters (too awful), driving around, hanging new signs, fearing the worst and periodically crying. Then just as Joey and I suited up for what I assume would have been a 40 mile trek into the squishy fields and woods surrounding our house, my phone rang. A very nice man about 1 mile from our house called to say that he had seen our sign at the local quickie mart. He said that some dogs that seemed to fit the description of mine were hiding in the barn next to his house. I immediately started RUNNING to the Xterra. Joey wanted to go into the house to get leashes and a blanket to cover her seats with: I would have none of that. So we sped down the road and pulled up next to the barn “Dukes of H@zzard” style.

Sure enough my three goofy dogs were hiding out. Bailey (the giant Schnauzer) did not recognize me at first and he was violently shaking all over. Jack (the former foster dog) recognized me immediately and ran to me happily. Bailey then recognized his mamas and began wagging and kissing. Watson (the mini Schnauzer) was pretty traumatized. He ran to the car and barked alot. Then I looked over and all three dogs were jumping on Joey, clamoring for her attention. Ahhh, good times. We brought the mud ball dogs home, fed them and began the process of untangling burrs from fur. Eventually scissors were involved. Now Bailey is taking up our whole bed napping. Watson has curled up on the couch with my pink robe and Jack is napping in a dog bed. They are all exhausted as are Joey and I.

I could not be happier about the ending of this saga, but who has ever heard of a dog that cannot find the way home even a mile away?



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18 responses to “Three dirty dogs

  1. Malea

    Hurrah! I hope you gave them a piece of your mind scaring you like that.In your soon to be condition:)

  2. anofferingoflove

    oh, what *wonderful, wonderful* news!! i am so happy to hear all of your pups are home, safe and sound. what a scary episode!

  3. tireegal68

    Thank god! I am so happy that they are safe if a bit dirty and scared to bits! Your poor doggies – that must have been quite an ordeal for them. They sound so adorable:) They were very smart to stay together and find shelter. I wonder if next time they head for the gate and the open road that they will think twice!

  4. PaleMother

    Not sure how I found my way to your blog … by way of Mel, perhaps? Anyway, I think the post about your lovely trio (missing!) was the first I read and I've been thinking of you all since. So glad to hear they are home safe!I grew up with miniature schnauzers. Just love 'em.All the best,D.

  5. glamcookie

    I'm so glad you got your pups back! What great news!

  6. Dagny

    omg, I am so happy to read this.yay!!!!!

  7. insertmetaphor

    Hooray! I teared up a little reading your post – I'm so happy your babies are home and you're happy.

  8. Inlocoparentis

    Oh my god, I am so relieved!

  9. Lara (NoodleGirl)

    yay, wonderful news!! what goofy dogs — maybe they tried some new doggie weed out there on the street and that's why they couldn't find their way home? Doggies, don't do drugs!

  10. Mina

    You don't know how happy I am to read this! Thank God they're home!!! And thank God for that wonderful man! Yayyyy! xoxo

  11. Meredith

    I'm so glad your furry babies are home safe and sound!

  12. Best When Used By

    Thank God you found them! I was thinking about you today, hoping I would find good news on your blog. Poor, scared babies! At least they stuck together – they had each other to provide comfort until you found them. And so lucky that the man saw your flier! Will you be taking him a huge platter of home made cookies? I know your kids will be sleeping warmly and happily tonight.

  13. tbean

    Oh thank god they are back! I was SO worried. Phew.

  14. C.I.W.

    woot!!! I am so happy about this– I couldn't imagine going through this!!!

  15. Lizzie

    so relieved!


    I am so glad to read this post! SO GLAD! Dogs, what do you do right? I'm happy everyone made it home safe and sound.

  17. reproducinggenius

    I'm so glad to hear your dogs are home!

  18. thebao

    Thank GOD. I am so so relieved that they are home and that this scary story had a happy ending! I'm pretty sure my dog couldn't find his way home if he were like a block away. 🙂

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