Good, bad and weird

Thanksgiving was all that I imagined it would be Really the last week was utterly sucktastic! I have never been so happy to be home in all my life.

The Good
The cabin we rented was absolute heaven. Comfy beds, cute decorations, Egyptian cotton linens.
Joey’s 2 year old nephew spent the night with us. He was a barrell of fun and such a love bug.
Joey’s sister is fun.
Our trip there and back was safe.
We have good insurance.

The Bad
Pretty much everything else.
My clothes and hair smelled like cigarette smoke everytime we spent any time at a family member’s house.
I do not enjoy eating Thanksgiving dinner in a less than clean house.
None of the food was like my mom makes.
Joey’s nephew ended the evening by throwing up on me at 5:30 AM.
Joey’s mom fell in the cabin floor, requiring an ER visit, a sling and serious meds.
Joey and her mom spending almost a week together non-stop = high stress.
Me being away from home and hormonal = low frustration tolerance.
The drive was supposed to take 8 hours but thanks to a well-placed rock slide and detour took 11 hours.
We hit a deer on the way home.

The Weird
The bio-mom did not meet with us so it is unlikely we will be adopting a sweet baby in February.
I did not see Aunt Flo until CD42…. seriously!!
No donor egg cycle for us until 2010.

Ahhhh, it’s good to be home.



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14 responses to “Good, bad and weird

  1. insertmetaphor

    The good sounds so sweet – I'm glad that was in the mix. And, oh, the bad. Family can be so stressful – reading your description of the weekend, I can feel myself getting tense.I'm so sorry the conversation didn't happen with the bio mom. At many points over the last few days I found myself wondering if you were all talking things over with her. I'm sad it doesn't look likely that it will happen. Do you think there's any shot still or did it feel like she had made up her mind otherwise?And to AF? WTF??? That sucks! Though at least 2010 is actually pretty close. It will be here in no time!xo

  2. Malea

    I had to laugh at the MIL falling threw the cabin floor.lolI wanted the bio mom adoption to work out,but those things can be tricky. She's probably thinks those two jobs are her ticket,but a lot can happen before delivery and after birth that can throw her finances back into the ditch. Is she even thinking longterm?You should know me by now, i figure what God has for you NO one can take away or stop you from recieving but you. He just needs your faith and a green light.I'd go ahead and have all the paperwork complete if you're still open to adoption.Who knows. That adoptable baby may come from a completely different direction.

  3. Malea

    Oh, as far as aunt flo goes i don't know what to say about her triflin behind.

  4. Bean stalk ballads

    Oh Cindy! I have missed your blog so much and I am so happy to see you on writing. Bah humbug to aunty flo… the old bitch made her appearance in time for me this month but stuffed you around.The family descriptions made me wince and giggle alternately… and I am sorry to hear the chat with bio mum didnt eventuate.. suck suck sucks. Yay once again to having you back…

  5. Growing up Clangley

    Wow, that sounded like a chevy chase movie! sorry it was so crazy!

  6. Lara (NoodleGirl)

    OMG, I think I saw that movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Keaton. I'm so sorry — the weekend sounds comedically dreadful! But mostly I'm sorry that the bio mom flaked out and that AF didn't cooperate. Bah. Hopefully you can drink your sorrows away over Christmas and New Year's and be primed and ready for DE as soon as the new year starts. Yea, I know that sounds as trite as it did while I was writing it, but it's what I need to keep telling myself as I try to get through each shitty cycle. Failure? OK! Let's drink and then try again next month!!But seriously, it will work for both of us eventually. We're trying too hard for it not to work.

  7. luckylittle13

    I hate Thanksgiving with no food tasting like your mom makes. And on top of everything else you went through…I'm sorry this adoption is unlikely now. And I'm sorry you have to wait until 2010 for your DE cycle. But, I'm happy you're home. It's good to hear from you…

  8. Mina

    Awwww, you must be glad to be home! I'm sorry that you didn't have the best time, I hope the upcoming holidays will be better for you! I'm sorry about bio mom and AF, but I hope and pray that 2010 will bring you some much needed and deserved good news! xo


    That really was a big bowl of sucktastic with a cherry or two on top. I hope you and Joey are ok after your accident and I am glad you are home. Here's to 2010 being everything 2009 wasn't. It really sucks that things might not work out with the adoption but I'm pulling for you and your next donor cycle.

  10. tbean

    Bleh. So sorry you feel the potential adoption is a no-go AND you can't cycle w/ DE again until next year. What a double whammy. I'm glad you are back though. I've been thinking about you and wondering how things were going.

  11. Anonymous

    That damn rock slide took me through Deliverence, USA. I'm not a geologist, but even I can look at a chain link fence and mountain and think "Not a good place to build a road".

  12. thebao

    good lord. That is waaay too much activity (especially in the bad category) for one weekend. I'm sorry that the adoption possibility doesn't seem as strong now.That rock slide was something, huh? We didn't have to do the detour, but spent some QT on the road with a ton of people who did. Glad you're home safe.

  13. Best When Used By

    For about a second I thought you must have been at Wacky P's for Thanksgiving (dirty house and boring food). Sorry about the bio-mom no-show. And about the delayed cycle. Doublecrap whammy. Amazing how calm you sound. I'm glad you're home, you're both safe, you're hair smells better and the family visit is over!

  14. wheresmy2lines

    You have been quiet. Just want you to know that Im thinking about you. xxx

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