Setting the record straight

Joey and I have returned home from our trip back home. I have thought about you all and the internet break has been odd. I could only even get a signal to my intermittently. Frustrating to say the least. So Merry Belated Christmas (Hannukah) to everyone.

So you may recall that Thanksgiving was dedicated to Joey’s family this year; therefore, Christmas was dedicated to my family. You may also recall that I was less than flattering about her family while I described my own family in glowing terms. I think I should even things out a bit. The LONG visit with my family has allowed me to recall their issues. Hop on board and I will share some of my “favorite” moments from the holidays.

  •  My mother asked me for input on dinner the first night we were there. I made several suggestions- not one of which did she use.
  • My mother has no idea how to tell a story or indeed what an interesting/amusing story IS. At one point I considered jumping out of the car to escape her fascinating story about the recent community worship service. No no, she didn’t talk about the message or the music. She recanted the name of each church who participated, listed their denominations, presented each person whom she saw and then recanted the SMALL TALK she had with people who were there.
  • My parents get on an actual rant when they talk about all the many social programs their church offers the needy…. not flattering.
  • My family are all republicans. Eeek.
  • My father watches television at a volume only slightly quieter than a heavy metal concert.
  • My mother sees no reason why she should not attempt to talk over the television noise.
  • My mother has no idea how to show concern. As I was litterally doubled over with cramps at her house (yes, good times), she began an endless list of questions about my cycle. It was rather like the menstrual inquisition.

All that aside, we actually had quite a good time and Christmas is always fun. Some highlights include watching the entire family attempt to play the AC/DC drum set/ game we gave my nephew for Christmas, enjoying a lovely meal with the entire family and just spending time with everyone. I am amazed and pleased to see how my neices and nephew are growing up. Not to mention some serious swag, Joey and I received. But I am oh, so glad to be home. In fact within an hour of walking in the door of our house, Joey and I had taken down the tree and returned to normal life. Ahhhh, can you hear the sweet sound of silence?

Yes, I also have been giving thought to my currently non-functional uterus. I go back and forth on that one. Some moments I find my zen then other times I just find the grief. Moment by moment, right? I am certain that a post on ths issue will form soon. But that is an issue for another day.



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10 responses to “Setting the record straight

  1. Best When Used By

    Oh, man, in sweet sympathy and completele understanding, I laughed at the list of "favorite" moments with your parents. Uh-huh, yup, I've been there too. Oh, the suffering! So welcome home, back to the beauty of peaceful silence. And here's wishing you and Joey a Happy New Year!

  2. tireegal68

    Oh girl, you made me laugh! I loved the lists of congregations and indignation at the needy people! Good times indeed! Sounds like you and Joey are 1 for 1 now. We're on our way home tomorrow and I can't wait!!!! tThinking of you and the decisions you'll be making in the coming days / weeks. Take care and welcome back to 'normality' !!!

  3. Mina

    Ah, family. Don't you just love 'em??Well, welcome back, and I hope your New Years Eve is a great one! xoxo

  4. Bean stalk ballads

    I missed you Cindy and I am glad you are back… and the church story made me cringe with sympathy

  5. C.I.W.

    Aren't the holidays HORRIBLE and wonderful all wrapped up into one big ball of crazy? I am right there with you, sister…. the silence is wonderful!

  6. Baby Mama, Too

    I am right there with the "familial issues"! I could barely make it 36 hours in my Mothers' house with my Grandmother there! My Mom has her own issues, but at least calling anyone who drinks, even a single alcoholic beverage, a drunk is not one of them!

  7. Dagny

    Oh family.I'm glad you had a nice time though. :)xoxo

  8. glamcookie

    Family frustrations are the worst. My mom is here for two weeks and it is both great and irritating. Argh. Happy back to normal to you!

  9. insertmetaphor

    Ah, family. Congratulations on surviving with your hearing intact! I'm glad you made it home safely and had a mostly good time.xo

  10. P

    My god your family sounds a lot like mine. Gotta love em..but be thankful we dont have to live with them.

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