New Season

So today, I had my first round of experiences as “other” and I seem to have escaped relatively unscathed. Joey had an appointment to get bloodwork and an HSG. Part of the appointment was that Joey and I had to re-complete the paperwork we completed for the last cycle, except this time our roles were reversed. Page after page, Joey signed the “mother” lines and I signed the “partner” lines. Seriously last time we did the paperwork, there did not seem to be too many lines but this time I felt like “partner” kept assailing me page after page after page after page. The pages seemed to say

  •  “Sign here that you are utterly infertile.”
  • “Initial here that you can’t have babies.”
  • “Date here, you barren thing.”

All in all though, we had a good time. I got to have a consolation Starbucks as the non-bio mom and I didn’t have to take my pants off. Frankly, avoiding having random medical objects shoved in my hoo-haw did not suck. Yin and Yang, right?

By the way, I cannot say enough nice things about all the support I have received through this transition from hopeful carrier mom to hopeful other mother. Your support has been more healing that I have words to express. And the wise Merideth suggested an on-going goal, self re-creation series. I love that idea… now to just figure out some firm goals. And yes when I feel smokin hot in my gothy fishnets. I will definetely post photos.



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11 responses to “New Season

  1. insertmetaphor

    If nothing else, ttc will make us experts in paperwork, medical red tape and humbling change.I hope that the starbucks was delicious and that this is the season of peace.xo

  2. Bean stalk ballads

    Go girl.. and thanks for making me smile in this time of not many smiles with "date here you barren thing"Barren is such a shocking word isnt it. urghhh

  3. Schroedinger

    The experience as "other" does have some perks. Here's to keepin' your pants on & full-caf beverages! Can't wait for those photos, though you'll have to post work-safe warnings.

  4. anofferingoflove

    i love your reinterpretation of the paperwork 🙂 keeping your pants on and your hoo-haw medical object free is a nice silver lining. will be looking forward to those photos!!

  5. Nicole

    Cindy,My partner and I have been in the ttc world for close to two years and also still with no baby (and no pregnancies yet either). I just decided to investigate the wide world of blogs and literally spent the entire day at work reading through your entire blog start to finish (conveniently several of my clients didn't show up!). I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story in such amazing detail. I'm heart broken for all you and J have been through, but find great comfort in knowing that we are not alone in this madness.


    I just love you and I love that you didn't have to be the one with the hoo-ha full of ramdom strangers and instraments!I know this is going to be a tough transformation but I have no doubt you will do it like you do all other things – with humor, wisdom and grace. Now, lets get you a baby!

  7. Best When Used By

    No one can describe the "bright side" quite like you! [sense of humor: still intact]. I love that you care so much – my husband barely glanced at the papers he signed and I had to explain why his attendance at the prenatal classes is important. Hmph.I hope you and Joey have a great cycle experience together, and, keeping your eye on the prize, I hope you will be holding your newborn before the year is out.

  8. thebao

    As always, your grace and sense of humor never ceases to amaze. Rock on, girl.

  9. Next in Line

    Consolation prizes and pants on. Take all the perks you can get girl. You earned them.

  10. Dagny

    oh that could not have been still make me smile while reading about your adventure though. And I bet not having your girly bits assulted with things had to have been a nice change. I wish I could have done the switcheroo with Mr. dagny, just once… ;)And yes. "date here you barren thing" made me LOL for real. I wish you didn't have to make me laugh like that. If you know what I mean. but yeah. stop. rambling. now.xoxoxoxo

  11. tireegal68

    You're a hoot, even in the midst of transition and flux and all the other hard stuff. Enjoy keeping your knickers on, girl! Fx big time for you gals!!!

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