Secret Single Behavior… does everyone remember the Sex a/t City episode where they talked about their secret single behaviors? I never thought I had any but all evidence to the contrary.

I dropped Joey at the airport today then did a bit of shopping on my way back home. I literally spent hours in T@rget wandering the aisles and buying a few things. On the way home, I thought about stopping to buy myself some dinner but decided that I would rather make a meal Joey would complain about– red beans and brown rice with veggies. Since getting home I have colored my hair (goodbye greys!), have had a soak in the hot tub, have done laundry, cleaned house and have given myself a mani/pedi. I am planning on a facial, exfoliating and hanging a new shower curtain rod later tonight. Who knows I may end the evening with some yoga followed by wine and a Sund@nce movie. Yup- secret single behavior. It is not as though Joey would ever intentionally stop me from doing any of the things I have done this afternoon and evening. It is just that life takes on a different rhythm when she is home. I would never never want to remove her from my life for very long, but I must admit that a night alone each month wouldn’t be such a bad deal.



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14 responses to “SSB

  1. anofferingoflove

    Wow, your SSB is so productive and healthy!! Mine usually involves frozen pizza, a diet coke binge, and too much tv.

  2. Malea

    You put some andouille sausage in those red beans and i'll be right over:)Don't forget the buttery cornbread!

  3. Next in Line

    My SSB is reading in bed. I love F to bits, but she interrupts me non stop. I love getting to read until I am sleepy.

  4. tireegal68

    What a great idea! It's true, we all do it. Hmmmmm apparently it's been a while since S went away without me because I am having a hard time remembering any. I think I often make coffee and lunch dates with friends I don't see much. When I'm home alone I feel like a very quiet and tidy nun tiptoeing about the house.Iwash all my dishes immediately and eat tomato soup and grilled cheese. I don't make coffee in our machine – I get it at starbucks. And I sleep with our dogs. Sounds like fun! Thanks for your sweet and understanding comment on my blog. You're right, you can't say "I've been thinking about your cycle" to just anybody!

  5. Mina

    Sounds like an *awesome* day! I love this post :0)I totally have SSB (sleeping way too late, reading all day, etc.) that J knows nothing about, and I'll keep it that way! LOL

  6. C.I.W.

    I have never heard that – but I love it and I am going to use it!!!!!

  7. insertmetaphor

    Yes! That sounds wonderful. I love, love, love having an evening or a few days to myself (as much as I miss Fern when she's away!). It's funny how things change jussst a little. When I'm away we always say Fern turns into a bachelor – she gets takeout every night, stays up insanely late playing on the computer and just generally doesn't take great care of herself. Which is funny because it's not like I cook her meals and make her go to bed when I'm around. I think our presence in each others lives just enforces normal routines.Anyway, enjoy your time alone!

  8. Bean stalk ballads

    you made me laugh Cindy.. I have so many secret single behaviours… like eating seafood (shes allergic) and watching (overdosing) on movies i love or series non stop… wandering around shops I like for hours like bookstores…I had 3 days of it in Melbourne recently and had a blast!!

  9. Pufferfish

    I guess this is the part of chicken traveling 4 days a week I do enjoy a part of. I get my SSB every week! Lots of independent films that I don't have to hear "I don't think I'm in the mood for that" only to hear "that was really good" afterwards! I also save money eating simply.


    I do exactly the same when Cat is out of town. Totaly different line up when she is gone and it often involes Target too. Sounds like you had a fantastic night you lucky girl you.

  11. Best When Used By

    Are you kidding? I get SO much done and feel SO indulgent when I'm home alone for a day or two! It's awesome. And it only means (I think) that when our Other Half is home, we focus on making sure they are taken care of, happy, fed, etc, which neglects the delicious indulgences that being alone permits. Good for you!

  12. Eva

    I know exactly how you feel! Enjoy.

  13. Dagny

    hahaha. I have all of those.i wish Mr. Dagny would go away so I could do some of that stuff. LOLespecially the bath. single I had them. now I cant' remember the last time. xoxo

  14. Mine used to be eating pot roast! My husband was a vegitarian, and didn’t like for meat to be cooked in the house. I’d literally stop at the grocery store and buy a chuck roast on teh way home from teh airport!
    Now…not sure. Probably falling asleep at 9pm when he’s on a business trip. Oh, and eating scrambled eggs for most meals.

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