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I  had a frank conversation with my sister this afternoon. We laughed like naughty school girls while she told me about her recent surgery. She is letting people think she had a hysterectomy because that is the general area the doctors fixed…. Apparently after a smallish woman has 3 large babies, things shift in unfortunate ways. (Just a thought for those of you planning big families!) We laughed a lot.  She has little filter and no shame. Fun in small doses.

I felt all close to my sister after all that hoo-ha talk so I told her about Joey’s cycle. Well, it was topical! She was super supportive and excited for us. After all the lack of success Joey and I have had, it was really refreshing to be able to talk about making babies without having to either explain too much or suffer through sympathetic looks. My sister is an OR nurse, she is short on sympathy so the conversation was easy. She is hoping for twins. I cannot say I disagree but one step at a time, right?

The shots are going better than Joey and I ever anticipated and her mood swings have actually been less severe than my “normal” mood swings. And neither of has passed out, YET.

I would like to add an update: Joey just called me with the saddest little sound in her voice. She was very upset that she is unlikely to get a position she interviewed for– that she does not even want!! We talked it out and she realized that she is “just” feeling the effects of the E2 injections. Poor dear, she feels like crying over nothing. I asked what I could do to make her feel better and she said that she wants to drink a 🙂



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8 responses to “Find the theme

  1. S

    Your sister sounds fun! It’s nice you can have open conversations with her.

    Good to hear Joeys shots are going okay. One day at a time, indeed.

  2. Wow -it’s really happening! What are the shots? not progesterone yet, right? E2?
    Your sister sounds a hoot. I think often the least “sympathy” the better. You can be totally supportive without being all syrupy, can’t you?
    Keep up the good work!

  3. PS love the wordpress blog – I guess I should add it to my reader – are you all over here now?

  4. Em

    Go the awesome sister… I have a couple of those too, including one who offered to wear “stretchy pants” for me in the event I cannot carry myself….
    cindy, from one rockstar chick to another,.. you are doing awesome.

  5. I’m glad your sister is so cool! At least you have one outlet to talk to. I’m also happy Joey’s shots are going better than expected! 🙂

  6. Your sister sounds fabulous. I’m so glad you got to have that conversation!

  7. luckylittle13

    Love the wp version…

    Your sister is awesome. I’m hoping for twins too!

  8. How awesome that you can have such frank chats with your sister! And that there is no fake sympathy, just her real opinion and real reaction to things. Love it. Sounds like the cycle is well underway – I’ll join the Hope For Twins Club!

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