Please lobotomize me!

I know that a full lobotomy is a bad thing, but can a partial lobotomy be reversed? And if it cannot be reversed, can a partial lobotomy be that detrimental to my ability to function at work? Really I am not feeling that productive right now anyway. If a lobotomy is not the answer, can I have some old school Electroshock therapy? I am thinking some retrograde amnesia would be a relief right now! This 2WW is passing.sooooo.painfully.slowly.

I am hanging in there with a smile for Joey but internally I am dying to know. I need for her to have a peek-a-boo uterus or something. Her pg symptoms seem to come and go in a manner most un-cooperative to my mental well-being. She is also a serious basket case. I drove her over an hour to see an acupuncturist on Saturday just for some stress relief. It seemed to help.

My new secret obsession is to hpts after ivf. It seems that the first remotely accurate result could happen will be about 9 days past transfer. That’s Wednesday!! Gah, I feel like an over-reactive teen. I need to have my brain shut down and not in a zen-like way in a “the power is shut off” kind of way!



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8 responses to “Please lobotomize me!

  1. Not to be an enabler…but aren’t you like 7 days past 5dt? In other words 12dpo? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve seen some totally legit peeing on sticks that starts happening around now.

    Either way, you have mere hours to wait left. And then it’s only 9 more months!

    love to you and Joey

  2. Good luck with the wait. Here’s to sticky embryo(s) that find(s) a nice nine-month home in Joey’s womb.

  3. It is impossible to be normal in the waiting after IVF. FYI, I had zero symptoms after my successful IVF in December and I even had two in there, initially. So, try not to analyze the symptoms or lack too much, it varies so widely.

    So, no, we will not remove a chunk of your noodle ;).

    Sending you continued sticky hopes and prayers.

  4. poppycat

    It’s torture isn’t it??? Much more so than a regular tww. Hang in there lovies!

  5. i second tbean as an enabler…i started seeing lines around 7dp5dt (i had *no* willpower!)

    im keeping fingers crossed, i cant wait to hear the news later this week 🙂

  6. Goodluckgoodluckgoodluck!!!!!!!!

  7. I think a medically induced coma would only be fair for someone in your condition. Do you have your pee sticks ready?

  8. Em

    Um honey. I have been waiting for this post, and frankly I am amazed at how long it took to come.. which says to me you are doing remarkably well. I think.. whichever way is awful. but what is unspeakably awful is getting the negative pee test… that really gets to you. So I am offering nothing except comforting thoughts and an open ear….

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