Beta number 2

Today was Joey’s second beta and the result was…… 672. That is a doubling rate of 33 hours. The numbers are looking great and Joey’s first ultrasound will be April 5.  I have spent a fair amount of time looking at the beta numbers on singleton and twin blogs and (thanks Baby Smiling in the Backseat) have also plugged our numbers into betabase. Folks if the beta is a strong indicator of the number of babies taking root, we are going to be looking at twins! The idea of 2 babies scares me quite a bit but not enough to quell my excitement even the slightest.

Another thought that keeps popping up (and I really don’t want to dwell too much here) is that on March 17, 2008 I went in for an ultrasound and found out that the precious baby girl in my belly no longer had a heartbeat. I am so sad that I never got to know her. She would be a sassy toddler by now and would have filled the last 2 years with such joy. (Oh little one, you were loved more than you will ever know!)

It is odd to even think about the different places we have been from then to now.

  • More jaded and tattered
  • Long moments of despair
  • Sporadic glimpses of hope
  • 3 unsuccessful cycles (after that pg)
  • Donor eggs
  • Joey pregnant
  • Stronger from all the trials
  • Peaceful

No, I never thought I would be here in this way. But I must say that it is hard to be too sad when we have a baby (or 2!) on the way..



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23 responses to “Beta number 2

  1. Good news all the way around cindy.

  2. Wow! Those do sound like twin-promising numbers. I’m glad you can celebrate at this time this year despite the reminder of your loss. I’m soooo happy for you guys.

  3. JUST caught up with your blog. YAY YAY YAY!!! You’re TOTALLY going to be my other-mother-with-twins-on-the-way-buddy!!! You don’t even get a choice in it, I’m forcing you to be my compatriot on this journey. 🙂

  4. yes yes yes – great numbers. Thinking of your sweet baby that didn’t make it two whole years ago. Wow – what a journey. I’m glad you are feeling happy!
    And yes, we felt similarly when we thought we were having twins – scared but really excited. S went around telling everyone!!!! She was more excited than I was I think.
    lots of applause from over here!

  5. I want you two to have twins! Babies are so cute and lovely and two sounds like so much fun.

    Loving thoughts for your precious little girl.

  6. Sadness for the memories, and joy for the present.

  7. Those are great numbers! It is nice that your very sad anniversary is countered by very great news, and it sounds like you are keeping your balance, honoring the past and embracing the present.
    Congratulations to you & Joey again!

  8. Great beta number!! 🙂

  9. Well done. Two for the price of one. :)!!! Happy dancing here for you. 🙂

  10. alimis

    Great numbers! Congrats.

  11. A thousand congrats to you both! BTW, our first beta (15 DPO) was 576 and second was over 1000 and we only had one baby, so don’t freak out too much 😉

  12. Great news, congratulations!!!!

  13. s

    wow – nice beta number again! congrats ladies.

    thinking of your lost little one, along with you. ((()))

  14. luckylittle13

    So happy I can finally comment… p.s. did you get my email?

    I am so happy for you girls! I was ready to call twins just seeing the pee stick! My betas were 279 (9dp5dt) and 694 (11dp5dt) so it looks like you got the two for the price of twelve deal we got.

    It seems counterintuitive, but I think I was the saddest and angriest about all of the years of infertility after we were pregnant. Sending you lots of love as you make the transition to mommies-to-be. xoxo

  15. Hey new mom-buddy. Congrats to you and Joey on such high numbers- You’ve come a long way!

  16. poppycat

    I’m so very happy for you. I know its not the path you hoped for but it leads to the same magical place – parenthood.

    I think there are twins in there mama! Terrifying and wonderful and exciting all at the same time! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  17. Edited to add- I left out a very big detail in my comment…we didn’t do IVF/ET. So in your case, the odds for twins does seem a lot higher. I’m excited for you guys!

  18. A

    Fantastic News! I’m so happy for you. Send us some of those good luck baby vibes 🙂 Best wishes for a healthy 9 months.

  19. luckylittle13

    hey doll – I resent the email (and then some). Let me know if you still didn’t get it and I can send it from another account. xo

  20. And now is the time my dear friend that I must say goodbye. Or is so long better? Or see you around? I’m not very good with this kind of thing.

    Cindy…how happy I am for you. for you both. I wish I was able to stick around for this wonderful ride you are both embarking on, but I do think you understand.

    All the best. You guys will be the greatest Mom’s EVER. EVER. 🙂

    Lots of love. I’ll be thinking about you all. 🙂

    And duh, CONGRATS!!! Again. I’m beyond happy for you guys.


  21. What an awesome doubling number. However many babies are in there is exactly the number you are meant to have. Remembering the little light lost in March ’08 and looking forward to the future, right along with you.

  22. Em

    Hey hon.. for some reason I missed this one… and the next one… and what wonderful news it is… I am over the moon for you

  23. I missed this post before. I’m thinking of your lost baby today. I know it must still be so hard even though you have a lot of joy.

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