Telling the tale and beta #3

This past weekend Joey and I went to visit my family. We had a big family dinner scheduled for Saturday evening so we planned to get to Mom and Dad’s by late morning so we could share our news and have some time for the parents to digest the fact that their daughter’s partner is now carrying their grandchild or grandchildren….oh yeah, via IVF using donor eggs and sperm. No small thing for my parents to comprehend. Problem was that 1st thing in the morning, we had an emergency vet visit that slowed things down considerably. Then when we got to my parents, march madness was in full swing and my dad was watching the team than ALL people in their area must watch in complete silence (except to curse at the refs or the opposing team). Point was that Joey and I could not tell anyone anything until we were in the car with my parents on the way to afore-mentioned family dinner.

We were joking about something nondescript and I just popped out with something like this:

  • Well Dad, I don’t want to make you run off the road or anything but between us getting to your house late and the ballgame being on, we haven’t had a chance to talk.
  • So the thing we wanted to tell you is that Joey’s pregnant.
  • Yes, we kept trying to get me pregnant with IVF and donor eggs and it kept not working (which they knew) so the doctor suggested trying with Joey’s body (which they did not know).

As you might imagine stunned silence then questions followed. I am absolutely terrible at sharing this sort of news. And I am a therapist! Eventually we got to my sister’s house and hugs and excited talk followed. My sis is very amped. She wants twins and she plans to take off time to come help after the birth. My mom will be retired by November and can certainly come help (and she plans to). So yeah, it was a good evening.

Now on to today’s magic number. Beta at 13dp5dt is 3821! That is a doubling rate of 38 hours. Symptoms at present are stuffy nose, tiredness, sometimes sore bbs, no food sounding yummy and (this one is highly contested at my house) grumpiness. I assure you that I am not wrong on that last point though. 🙂



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21 responses to “Telling the tale and beta #3

  1. aw, how fun to get to share good news with your family, at last! its awesome that they are all so excited and already planning to come help out when the babies arrive.

    that’s an awesome beta number (hence, my use of the plural above). mine at 14dp5dt was 932!

    make peace with the grumpiness however possible, its probably here to stay 😉

    im so, so happy for y’all!

  2. Whoa! OK, granted I know nothing about beta numbers because I’ve never had a BFP, but no way it can be that high and NOT twins, correct?!

    Congrats on telling the fam. Glad your dad didn’t drive into a ditch with the news. So great that your mom and sis can help out!

  3. I’m so thrilled that you got to share this exciting news with your enthusiastic family. And those beta numbers? Holy cow – fantastic!

  4. It all sounds so good. xo

  5. Claire

    That whole scene would have made a really funny movie! Glad you all got there in one piece!
    How exciting! Yup, I think it’s twins!!! So happy for you two, well you four really!!!!
    It reminded of the nonchalant off the cuff way I told my sister I am gay. If she had been driving instead of walking my life could have gone quite differently!

  6. Pufferfish

    Sounds twinish to me…! Great numbers! Glad the telling of the fam went well.

  7. Woot woot!! Those sound like twinkie numbers to me! So glad you got to share the nws with the fam, it must feel much more real now!

  8. “I am absolutely terrible at sharing this sort of news. ”

    Quite the contrary, it sounds like you did just great!! But I so know what you mean. I insisted at the age of seven that my family quit having birthday parties for me because I couldn’t stand the attention. Seriously. I was so shy that Happy Birthday used to make me burst into tears. “Making announcements” makes my skin crawl. Of course, the audience often has something to do with that as well. 🙂

    Go baby (babies) go!

  9. Fabulous! What a great & loving family you have, and what wonderful numbers. After this long wait, you have so much to celebrate! Hooray!

  10. Whew- bet you’re glad that one is out of the way. It’s wonderful that they’re so excited! It is very nice having family help out in the beginning. And um, that beta is lovely…and high 😉

  11. Awesome number!!! 🙂

    I’m happy you shared the great news with your family, they must be so excited! I think you did an awesome job telling them. It’s great that your mom and sister will be helping out after the birth.

    You know, for the first couple of weeks, I didn’t realize how grumpy I was, either. It took a couple of people pointing it out to me for me to get it. I just thought I was being my normal self. Joey probably doesn’t realize how cranky she is being with you, yet. Now I feel bad when I catch myself being that way, but it’s hard to stop my bitchiness I tell ya! 🙂

    I am so, so happy for you both, and I can’t wait to follow along this next adventure for you!!

  12. luckylittle13

    There are definitely two (+) in there! At 17dp5dt our beta was 5603… And how you told your family sounds just perfect. It’s life and family. Not a hallmark card. xo

  13. Incredible beta! Well, you did the best you could telling your parents the news. You were in an awkward spot but really needed to tell them. It sounds like everyone was on board soon after the shock wore off. Sounds like Joey is right on target where she should be symptom-wise.

    How are you doing?

    So when is the u/s?

  14. So happy for the strong and high numbers. And lovely to read the story of sharing the news. This is really happening!!

  15. poppycat

    Heeheehee on the last symptom.

    How exciting to give your family this news! And that new beta? Oh yah baby, or babies I should say!!! I can’t wait for the u/s.

  16. Happiness! So glad you got the news out and that your family is in the know and excited – as they should be. That’s wonderful that you will have help when the babies (yes, I’m on the twin bandwagon) come.

  17. Girls I am so thrilled with this BFP and all the things that go with it, like sharing the news with your family.

  18. How exciting to tell your family the wonderful news! That must have been such a thrill. And holy beta numbers, batman! Looks like you’ll need your sister’s help for sure. When do you go in for the first ultrasound?

  19. Eva

    Yeah! I’m so happy for you two.

  20. Well I guess I can let you off the hook about not being my “other-mother-to-triplets” buddy if that’s the way you want it. Let me know if you lose, I mean, CHANGE your mind and want to join me. 🙂

  21. Hey, you told them and they support you. That’s what counts, right?

    (I’m always wondering if my family will be supportive if/when it happens for us.)

    Looking forward to seeing your u/s post!

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