Bah- spotting

Joey and I were lying on the bed chatting about how she has been feeling and I made the comment that she had not been spotting at all. Stupid me! Within 30 minutes she was spotting. Cramps, bright red dripping and some tissue (sorry TMI). She is 6 weeks into the pregnancy now. I thought I was prepared to see some spotting after reading so many blog entries but my rational side seems to be taking a backseat now that the spotting is in my house. We called the RE and will get an ultrasound tomorrow. Got any great stories or helpful information??



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18 responses to “Bah- spotting

  1. alimis

    I do not have any info about this subject-but just wanted to let you all know that I am thinking about you all. (())

  2. Definitely thinking of you both and hoping for only the best U/S tomorrow. Hang in there try to stay calm until tomorrow….

  3. S

    Shit. I wish you didn’t have this scare. I will be thinking of y’all tomorrow and waiting for the good news that all is well. ((()))

  4. Claire

    This is so f.ed up! My heart goes out to you. This is so sucky!
    Yes, I had all that and I’m still pregnant, so did noodlegirl, and several others.
    I really hope the ultrasound goes well – at six weeks you should be able to see something definitive. I have fingers and toes and all other parts crossed!
    Shaking fist at universe and saying you better be good to C and J!! ((( hugs)))

  5. poppycat

    No matter how many happy ending stories you hear, when it’s you and yours spotting, there is nothing you can do but worry. It’s dreadful and terrifying BUT I spotted at 5w and 7w. Everyone kept telling me that spotting was really common in twin pregnancies and they were right! I’m now 18 weeks in with twins and they are doing well.

    Do your best to stay calm and roll with it. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

    Thinking of you and wishing your spotting away.

  6. My very best IF buddy, who was a couple months ahead of me, had some horrific bleeding early on. She is very articulate and not a drama queen AT ALL (so I know she wasn’t exaggerating) … and every time she described another episode, I thought the worst was imminent. I mean, we’re talking about ‘slipping on all of the blood on the bathroom floor’. I was terrified for her. That baby is now a very gorgeous, very perfect, blondie three year old.

    I also have several friends who had subchorionic hematomas …

    … babies none the worse for the wear. They were just told to take it easy and were followed for a few weeks with serial ultrasounds until the SCH resolved on it’s own.

    I have also heard, as others mentioned, that spotting is common in twin pregnancies and after IVF.

    I know it’s not quite comfort. But, yes, there is lots of reason to hang in there and not assume the worst.

    Thinking of you both. “Keeping you in the light” … (I just heard someone use that expression today … I guess it’s a Quaker expression.)


  7. I’m an inveterate spotter, early, late and in between. I spotted from weeks 4-6, had that horrific heavy bleeding at 7.5 weeks and then this recent spotting post-amnio at 17 weeks. Some people are bleeders. If it’s not heavy and doesn’t also have a strong smell, it’s very likely nothing.

    Don’t believe the old wives tale about red blood meaning bad, btw — it was always bright red for me and my nurse told me that means nothing. Blood will be bright red when new and if you’ve got an irritated cervix or whatever, it’ll be new blood at some point. Plus, bleeding is much more common with IVF pregnancies, even on the donor recipient side – I think all the hormones just have your ladies parts all hopped up.

    I’m sure it’s fine but definitely happy you’ll get an u/s in the morning to ease your minds!

  8. I haven’t been through this but I’m thinking of you all and sending lots of love your way.

  9. I don’t know anything about being pregnant or spotting– but I do know that you both seem like really amazing people that I really want to see as moms… and you are in my prayers tonight that there are no worries, and this is just one of those “things” that happens during totally normal pregnancies.

    I will be watching for an update.


  10. An ultrasound tomorrow is just what you need to put your minds at ease. There is no way after dealing with so much infertility to not worry even though it probably just Joey’s body getting used to being pregnant.

  11. I hope everything goes really well at the ultrasound tomorrow. I’m thinking of you and sending tons of love your way.

  12. Fuck. I fucking hate spotting. And I fucking hate how common it is. I mean, how much more can our minds and hearts take? FWIW, it seems to me that I can think of far more stories of early pregnancy bleeding than ones without. It seems that if you make it through the firs tri with no blood, you are DEFINITELY the exception. So hang on. And you’ll get a beautiful photo today to put your mind at ease.

  13. A

    Fingers crossed it is all ok. I have no helpful information since ours did not turn out good, but I am thinking about you and sending all the good vibes I have your way.

  14. Janet spotted/bled/scared the crap out of us for almost the first 12 weeks. She kept peeing on HPT’s for some mental reassurance.
    We’re now 27 weeks with a fabulous lil boy. My thoughts/prayers/hugs are with you both!

  15. Danielle

    Spotting is sucky and scary, but as it has been mentioned, quite common. More common then we’d care to admit.

    I spotted on a few occasions early on. It scared the poop out of me and had me laying as still as possible on my couch and praying to who ever was listening and willing to take a convert at that very moment.

    There was never any rhyme or reason as to why it started, how long it lasted or it’s flow. Like everything else in my life at the time, it had a mind of it’s own and just did whatever it pleased.

    As you know, wee elly alderbean is now 6 months old and thriving. So it goes to show you, spotting, schmotting…. happy endings still happen.

    I also stick to my theory that it’s just Joey’s body taking control and setting the new pace with her own hormones now that all the meds are clear.

    Fingers crossed and looking forward to good news!


  16. Bah! I hate that you sound so scared. I hope that you get the reassurance today that everything is going along just fine. I’m going to be checking all day!

  17. I’m thinking of you both, and praying for a great ultrasound today!

  18. I know what you mean by your common sense flying out the window. In all my “spotting” research, one of the most helpful things I tried to do was relax. Lay down, listen to relaxing music, put your feet up. I know it’s such a hard thing not to stress, but it will only make things worse. Also, I know that you know this, but it never hurts to reiterate that spotting in early pregnancy happens all the time to women who continue on to have healthy pregnancies and babes. Good luck at the ultrasound.

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