Unfortunate irony

The puking has commenced in our house. Over the weekend, Joey was positively gray and miserable. She decided to take a walk around the yard hoping the cool air would make her feel better. I found her throwing up in the back yard. Poor thing. Tonight, she felt terrible after work and more cookie tossing occurred.

It is an unfortunate irony that at a time when she is supposed to be gaining 26 pounds in a short period, she is the most nauseated that she has ever been. No food tastes good. Sometimes food simply refuses to stay down. She has been eating small meals every 2-3 hours and as many veggies as she can. She has been eating protein regularly. She eats high fat content dairy products. She drinks water all the time and we have tried every home remedy we can think of, including crackers. Does anyone know other good nausea/puking cures? She has Zo.fran and takes that at times with limited success. Bah, this trimester is taking forever! No, I am not really complaining. It is just really hard to watch Joey feel bad all the time when there is so little I can do to help her feel better.

In an odd twist, my sister who was pretty snarky about the induced lactation and cloth diapering, has been texting me daily about information she is learning from her new obsession with internet searching.  She is on-board with the gpants and found a Med.ula pump at a low price. She has also decided that my dad’s side of the family needs to chip in to buy Joey and I a tricked out stroller. You would think that I would understand my own sister better by now. It appears that she loves to bust my chops but then will support me in whatever I have decided. Who knew?

Tomorrow marks 9 weeks of pregnancy: less than a month left in this trimester!



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15 responses to “Unfortunate irony

  1. Poor Joey — have you tried ginger tea? You’d want the real ginger – either like you get with sushi or the chopped, fresh kind from the supermarket – steeped in some warm (but not hot) liquid. It can be either decaf tea or just plain ol’ hot water. It works wonders for some folks, alot of chemo patients use it to cut down on their nausea.

    I know it’s awful to feel like that, but I bet those babies are thriving. And the placenta starts taking over alot of the work by week 10, so it’s vry possible Joey will start feeling better before the end of the 1T. FX!

  2. Danielle

    Oh the vomitting… I’m so sorry she’s experiencing this. As you knew I was a pro cookie tosser my entire pregnancy… I even took my anti-puke meds the day of delivery. My drug of choice was diclectin. It took a few days to kick in, but once it did, it sure helped. Granted I still tossed cookies daily, but at least I wasn’t tossing every 30-45 mins. As for remedies… I’ve heard some ginger products or mint can help. When I spoke to the kind folks at “MotherRisk” (http://www.motherisk.org/women/index.jsp) they said to be careful with ginger. So although I intially felt some relief using Gravol with Ginger I was only limited to two tablets daily and those two tablets only really lasted me a couple of hours.

    The m/s when this severe really sucks. Generally it does get better. And if it persists, you eventually learn to cope. Heck, I actually perfected the art of puking in a bag while driving… terrible I know, but I got tired of pulling over and have passer bye’s watch me upchuck.

    Oh yes… The Morning Sickness Bag!!! Totally forgot. Here’s a handy kit you can build your lovely Joey. This is what you’ll need.

    A handy little bag like a small makeup bag or something similar.

    Dog poop baggies. Ikea has good ones, but any should likely do the trick. This bags are designed to not leak and hold solids or fluids. Perfect to have for emergencies.

    Tictacs or mint candies. The mint freshens breath and also is supposed to help calm an upset tummy.

    Hand sanitizer… it happens, you’ll need it.

    Travel pack of Kleenex… yaking can make for a runny nose.

    Wipes… sometimes you need to clean up a little.

    I think that’s it.

    Also… be wary of water. I found that water was actually harder on my stomach with m/s then juice. Apparently not uncommon. Try some watered down juice or putting crystal light on something in the water. It should help a little.

    As for food… that will vary with the person. I was a huge fan of fruit in early pregnancy. Going to the produce section of the grocery store was incredible. With my super scent and taste buds I was in heaven.

    If I think of anything else I’ll send word.


  3. Danielle

    oh yes… and a mini travel bottle of mouth wash… for the kit.


  4. I have no cures, because nothing is working for me. I hope she feels better soon! I can hardly believe that you’re almost in the second tri. Time flys by so fast. I’m glad your sister has your back. 🙂

  5. oh, poor joey. my only 2cents is to ask your doc for a different prescription. i kept on puking right through the zofran and was given something else -the name of that med escapes me at the moment, but it did the trick.

    hurray for your sister coming around! having that family support is priceless. what kind of cloth diapers are you planning to use? we do BG, but im always interested to read about others’ experiences with different ones. would love to hear more about the plan for induced lactation too (if you feel like sharing)

  6. luckylittle13

    you poor girls. my m/s sucked, but i didn’t realize how awful it was for my wife until she got the pukey kind of flu a week after my m/s stopped. the b-natal helped me a bit since it had b vitamins in it but you can only take two or three a day. i hated all things ginger after about a week so use sparingly. honestly, i think milkshakes got me through. oh, and if there is a pattern to the pukiness, try to have her eat things that are a bit more pleasant on the way up beforehand (i.e. jello=good, salad=very bad). bottom line, do what you can to survive and don’t stress out about it. it will be over soon.

    are you reading the when you’re expecting twins, triplets, and quads book? i would be a bit careful with the eating guidelines they give. unless joey was severely underweight going into this, daily caloric intake should be around 2600-2800 for twins and weight gain should be about 45-55 lbs. i ended up losing a couple pounds in the first tri but have definitely made up for it! i am nearing 45 lbs gained at 34 weeks and both babies are heavier than most of their singleton peers for this age.

    i’m so happy your sister has come around. we are planning to cloth diaper as well. mention that along with plans to breastfeed and try for a drug free birth and people will think you’ve lost your fucking mind. like an offering of love, i’m really interested in others plans/experience with cloth if you want to share.


  7. I’m sorry Joey has reached the awful part of the first trimester. Trina is very slowly starting to feel human again at 11.5 weeks.

  8. Poor Joey!

    Your sister’s enthusiasm is funny – I mean, great, but funny. I guess you take what you get and be happy for her support!

  9. I hear peppermint gum is the best for nausea and morning sickness. Not to mention it keeps the breath smelling good! lol

    I hope the nausea subsides and Joey gets some relief soon!

  10. Somebody's Mummy

    Dear dear woman – You and your beloved don’t know me from Adam’s housecat, but I have been lurking around your blog for LO these many months… (More than a year I think?)I have found it so very helpful and hopeful and profoundly true while my wife and I headed down the path from thinking about “how?” to TTC to BFP.
    We are just a bit ahead of you. I am 13 and a half weeks and the early days were made better by ginger snaps, cranberry/apple juice first thing in the morning, and inexplicably, fruit snacks – like the kind you feed a toddler. Also a big fan now a days of peppermint gum (the kind that comes from overseas in the red tin especially). Also absolutely no leftovers of anything. This week for the first time I am feeling less seasick. Maybe it will pass after all! Sending you good wishes.

  11. Claire

    Poor Joey! That must be so miserable.
    I second the suggestion of trying a different drug.
    Treat her like a queen and focus on easy to digest foods. I wish I had more advice for you.
    Love that your sister is now getting in your bizness in good way!
    I’m curious about your choices on cloth diapers -not sure what to do about them yet.

  12. reproducinggenius

    Poor Joey! I can’t say I had much of the sick, but when I did, apples and apple juice were the most friendly foods for me. Lemon drops were really good helpers too, especially when I had to be around unpleasant odors.

    Has she tried the B-6/unisom cocktail? My OB mentioned it as a really viable remedy. You’ll want to look up the details, but I know it works wonders for some women.

  13. RDR

    Morning sickness, well, nothing ‘cured’ DW of it. We found citrus scents helped a lot, hand soap, hand lotion, when she felt sick. A cool cloth helped and she always wore sleepers or flip flops when she had her feet hit the floor in the morning, something to do with the temperature change and circulation. Clean scents helped a lot if that makes sense. She never stopped it completely though, ginger ale and crackers never worked for us. Other type of gently stimulation did like music and a cool cloth. Hang in there!

  14. poppycat

    Poor poor Joey. Luckily I didn’t have a terrible time with puking, just felt nauseous all.the.time. I am a water drinker but during the first tri I had to switch to juice. I always had a juice box on hand (people made fun of me all the time for it) and carbonated fruit juice (like Izze’s sparkling juice) always made me feel better. I love fruits and veg but couldn’t eat much veg during that time so I ate a ton of fruit instead. Ginger did nothing for me. If anything the smell and taste made me gag. Jello was good. Just tell her to eat anything that will go down even if that is only milkshakes and grilled cheese.

    Danielle’s idea for a puke kit is great. I always carried airplane barf bags and individually wrapped wipes in my handbag just in case. Never needed them luckily.

    The best advice I hear given about m/s is to get a new prescription if it gets bad. No point in suffering if you don’t have to. My Dr also told me that Unisom sleep aids (over the counter) are regularly advised for m/s but of course the unfortunate side affect is drowsiness.

    Hope she gets past this part soon. The second tri should be (fingers crossed) much better.

  15. poppycat

    PS – RG’s comment reminded me that I took B6 the whole first tri as well.

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