Bullets, pics and a poll

Just a quick update from the home of Cinderella and Pukahontas:

  • the garden is planted and growing. I have tiny little tomatoes. I am also trying a trellis system with the cucumbers and cantaloupes to keep them from running all over the yard. I love the garden especially since we moved it closer to the house.
  • the nausea and throwing up has not stopped despite the end of the first trimester. We are really hoping for that to end soon.
  • We had another OB visit on Friday. All appears to be going well. The babies are slightly ahead in their growth. The ultrasound was sweet. The babies were kicking, moving their arms and opening and closing their mouths as they inhaled and exhaled the amniotic fluid.
  • We hoped that somehow we would be able to tell the babies genders at the visit. Alas, 13.5 weeks is just too soon to tell.
  • Both babies have a heart rateΒ of 162 BPM. They keep having the exact same heart rate. Isn’t that odd?
  • I leave you with a poll and some u/s pics.

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17 responses to “Bullets, pics and a poll

  1. You already have a thumb sucker! Too cute- they both look wonderful. And yay for garden veggies!

  2. oh my god, look at those little BABIES!!! wow!!! beautiful pics, mamas!!

    im going with girl/boy .. at least i’ll get 1 right that way! πŸ˜‰

  3. I voted girl/girl!

    Awwww, the ultrasound scans are so cute! Hopefully you will be able to find out their sex during the next visit!

    I love that you have a garden. I don’t know if I have a green thumb or not since I’ve never planted anything, but if I had a yard I would love to have a vegetable garden!

  4. RDR

    Our kids had the same heartbeat most of the time. The baby photos are great!

  5. AWWW LOOOKIE!!!!!

    How stinkin’ cute- they look like babies! And one is suckin’ his/her thumb? Wow.. advanced. Perhaps genius, even. LOL

    Let me know how the garden grows! We are doing cukes on the fence… and an 8×4 garden. I am thrilled!

  6. Pukahontas! I love it. So sorry for the misery behind it, though. Hope it improves very soon. Those are some great US pics!!

    When we had to do weekly BPPs (to monitor for complications from Fifth Disease exposure), the breathing thing — 30 seconds of it — was required to pass. In the earlier weeks, it was a point of suspense and it always took until the ~last~ minute to get it. Here’s to practice breathing!!

    I’m so impressed that you are gardening now. I keep thinking … maybe in a few years, I’ll have more time … love the idea, love the cooking part. The labor, on the other hand … plus we have groundhogs that torment my gardening neighbor.


  7. tbean

    Cindy! They look so much like babies now! I love that part–when they change from blobs to actual tiny humans on the u/s pics. πŸ™‚

  8. I think the baby in scan 205 is a boy and the baby in scan 255 is a girl. πŸ™‚

    I’m loving the pictures! They turned out great!

  9. lesboparentstobe

    Adorable! How exciting. My first thought for you two was girl/girl, so that what’s I’ll vote with. How nice to see things progressing so wonderfully.

  10. poppycat

    They are so cute! Look how big they are. Did you ever think?

    I’m going with boy/boy just because I think you’d be such great moms to two little boys (not that you wouldn’t be great for girls too).

    We can’t seem to grow many kinds of squash or cucumbers here because of the moisture. The blooms rot and that in turns rots the fruit. The vines mold easily too. I’m jealous.

  11. Danielle

    Totally girl/girl! Hands Down. No doubt about it.

  12. p

    2 beautiful growing babies…pure joy. Love the u/s pics. I also think its 2 girls. Hopefully the nausea gets better soon.

  13. Beautiful pic. I hope the pukiness stops right now – enough of that!

    I voted girl/girl. I feel like blogland is due for girl/girl twins.

  14. Dee

    They look too cute!! I think it will be b/b or g/g as their heart rates are always the same? Cant wait to find out!

  15. What perfectly beautiful little twins! I’m voting for girl/girl so your lives can be a nightmare of hormones in like 12-15 years! πŸ™‚

  16. They are SO cute! Do you know where their placentas are placed? According to some big study quoted by CJ at Don’t Lick The Rainbow, over 90% of male placentas are on the right and over 90% of female placentas are on the left. True to form, my boys went against the grain and have left sided placentas. Have you done the Intellegender test? It’s worked for everyone I know IRL.

  17. Aw they look so great!!! What beautiful pictures!
    Sounds like you gals have been busy bees.
    I really hope the nausea disperses soon!

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