Quiz and bullets

If you are looking for a good test of your relationship:

a)      complete a project together outside on a day with a heat index near 100

b)      paint a set of dressers a glossy RED

c)      give feedback to you pregnant partner about the *ahem* thick and streaky nature of the job she is doing on said painting job

d)      all of the above

Yes, we are still together. No, the neighbors did not have to call the law for us. Yes, one dresser is done to my standards and the other is done to hers. I will be putting that “other” dresser in the walk-in closet. Thank.you.very.much.

Update in bullets:

  • The nursery keeps plugging along but is not quite ready to be called finished.
  • Joey continues to be very very sick. In fact, just yesterday she threw up before work. We are thinking now that the iron pill she has to take may be the culprit. Any suggestions on that front? I am making her steaks like we have a herd of cattle in the backyard. She is beginning to complain but I am serious about this iron deficiency that has showed up recently.
  • Friday will be our anatomy scan.
  • We have chosen names for the boys. I don’t know if we chose because we were ready or only so that we can make various friends and family stop giving suggestions. Is this something people really do?? I can honestly say that I have never felt it was a polite gesture to insert myself in the naming of a friend’s children. But people seem to be climbing out of the woodwork to suggest names to us. “Have you considered Hank?” “I’ve always liked the name Elvis for a boy.” Seriously, the madness had to end. I promise I haven’t asked a soul for help. It’s not as though I said to anyone except Joey, “What names do YOU think we should name our children?”
  • We are driving to Joey’s family for a quick visit over the next few days. Pray for me. Kidding (sort of).
  • I have been reading the book by Dr Luke again. It really is a wonderful book for moms of multiples and yet it’s just scary. I hate hate hate to even think about the babies having to go to the NICU.
  • If you are thinking of buying herbal supplements to help with breastfeeding preparation, for crying out loud, DO NOT buy the liquid kind. *gag* The horrific taste and smell cannot be described adequately with words.
  • Heh heh, Joey waddles and snores now.


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18 responses to “Quiz and bullets

  1. Whoa, that sounds like quite a weekend project – you two are rock solid!

    We recently found out that Fern had an insane iron deficiency (she’s always been prone to low iron, we just didn’t know it had gotten so bad). She couldn’t take the pills but has had amazing results with a double dose of Floradix Iron and Herbs (http://www.florahealth.com/flora/home/usa/products/R64771.htm). You can get it at the natural food store or online. It basically tastes like slightly strange juice but is easy enough to take. I can’t praise this product enough. She hasn’t actually gone back to get retested yet (it’s on the to-do list), but she felt more energetic and less anemic almost immediately and has no digestive problems with it.

    Good luck with the family visit and I hope Joey starts feeling better soon, for crying out loud!

  2. Ingesting foods high in iron is only one part of it– actual absorption of iron is aided by getting enough calcium and Vitamin C. If she has trouble taking pre-natals (which was a big factor for nausea for my wife), chewable or gummy vitamins for adults are fine and easier going down usually.

    Good luck with the visit. I feel for ya. And baby names is only one of the many things you will hear but never asked for 😉

  3. Oh, and I meant chewable multi-vitamins or C’s…I don’t know if they make a chewable pre-natal yet. Maybe. If not, the multivitamin and a little folic acid pill daily should be fine.

  4. tbean

    I was just going to second Strawberry. My vitamins are making me nauseous b/c of the iron and it was recommended that I take a vitamin c pill with it–it helps your body absorb the iron and should cut down on the nausea. I just bought some today so I’m about to try it myself.

  5. I had to take iron supplements, too — pretty common for expectant twin moms — and they were very expensive and very disgusting. Around that time I switched to children’s chewable vitamins, and that helped.

    Yeah, every time I thought that I couldn’t take another week, I looked at the head circumference and footprint illustrations in Dr.Luke’s book. It was definitely a good motivator. The girls are 20 months old now and I’m increasingly thankful they had no NICU time (born at 36w, 3d).

  6. Ditto Olive on the Floradix. Obviously I haven’t taken it while preggers, but my acupuncturist recommended it to me and it’s really easy to tolerate. And I know a lot of folks do use it while preggers because they find it easier to handle.

    Congrats on picking names! Can’t wait to hear them in a few months time 🙂

  7. Would slow release iron make a difference? I take the CVS generic version of Slow FE (sold in boxes of 60) because my dermatologist thinks my iron deficiency is making my hair fall out. It doesn’t seem to have any side effects for me. My hair’s still thin, though.

  8. Oh, where to begin? I guess I’ll start by saying I’m glad you’re still together after your various projects! Good grief – outside with a heat index of 100!

    I’m sure your SO excited about the anatomy scan. Ask them if they’ll give you LOTS of pictures (I cried at mine, and I got about 20 or so!).

    Sorry about having to visit the in-laws…I know the pain.

    And as for the names, well, I’m happy you’ve decided together on the boys’ names. BUT, if you think that’s going to stop people from continuing to make suggestions….ha ha ha ha…no – it won’t! They’ll think that their favorite name simply has not occurred to you, so they’d better tell it to you while there is still time. Good luck!

  9. poppycat

    Hey now, easy, I waddle, snore AND drool now when I sleep. WTF is up with that? 🙂

    The dresser project makes me laugh. Pre pregnancy, I would usually do that kind of project myself to save my marriage. Now I just let it go and figure I will fix it later.

    Our class instructor, a well known doula here, swears by the floridex. She said it will up your iron within a couple of doses. she said it is spendy but worth it.

    I can honestly say I have NEVER made suggestions to anyone about what they should name their baby but a couple of people made suggestions to us. I don’t get it. The most common question I get now is what we are naming them. People seem shocked or offended when I won’t share. Weird. Our friend who is a total smart ass suggested we name the babies Luke and Leia. I had to laugh (and roll my eyes)

    Have fun at your anatomy scan! you’ll love it.

  10. Wow, good work on not killing each other during said dresser-painting project! Y’all *must* be rock-solid. 😉
    I hope Joey feels better soon and that you all survive the trip.
    My coworkers have all chimed in with name suggestions, but I think most of them are kidding, most of the time. “Formica Dinette” was one (she was DEFINITELY kidding. That time).

  11. Uhm, yeah, projects, in the heat… not a good combo!
    And I totally feel you on the painting standards… =0P

    Glad you came thru it intact and without intervention!!

  12. Uh yeah… Holly and I have had moments like that and we almost divorced right there on the spot. LOL I remember canoeing with her one time and I thought one of us would throw the other in the water at some point in the adventure. Lets just say that canoeing is a great way to work those communication skills. lol

    That all said… I waddle, snore and drool and I’m not even pregnant… LOL That can’t be good.

  13. Cin, is everything okay? Haven’t heard a peep for nearly a month. Hope you and Joey and the babes are doing well. Thinking of you.

  14. Hey Cindy, how’s everything with you, Joey and the babies? Miss your updates! Not that I should talk, since I am chronically behind in my posting LOL.

  15. Hey Cindyhoo, where are you?

  16. sounds like you 2 have an awesome bond to withstand that! i’m not even pregnant yet and those who know ask me about names all the time. lol. people make pregnancy their business.. i’ve never appreciated that.

  17. I was just logging in to ask the same thing… I hope things are okay. We worry, yanno.

  18. tbean

    Adding to the chorus of where are you???

    Hope all is well. We miss you!

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