Blogus Interuptus

Hello my sweet sweet online friends. I am sorry that I have been conspicuously MIA. What happened? Busy busy life.

The quick rundown:

  • Joey and I visited her family (long trip = misery)
  • Joey and I got sick sick sick with bronchitis for 2 weeks (more misery)
  • Joey took a short break from her happy pill = 2 less than happy mommies to be.
  • I am in the process of (almost) single-handedly planning a conference as a small part of my job = my own personal hell.

At this point I stumble home from work each evening after working hours like 7AM to 6 PM and I often fall into bed by 8PM. I know…. how exciting am I?

BUT not all is bad, just busy. I have so so many things that I think about writing as I do my morning walk/run. I will be a wealthy woman when I create an app that will allow people to go straight from thought to publishing with no middle process.

The boys are growing perfectly. We love to watch Joey’s belly roll and feel the boys kicking. Joey is still quite sick but is such a champ about it. I bought Joey a recliner, which I generally hate. She struggles with sleep now so I had to give in and get her a place she can sleep. She also spends long hours in the (very cool) spa on our back deck.

And now– pictures from our 23 week ultrasound.

Both boys at 23 weeks


Baby A practices breathing


Baby B in the pike position



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14 responses to “Blogus Interuptus

  1. 23 weeks already?!! Holy moly, how time flies in the blogosphere ;). The boys looks just beautiful – and you’re just a week away from the vaunted 24-week viability mark, yay! Though those little minxes better stay put for, oh, another 10 weeks, at least.

    Yay for buying Joey a recliner! Sometimes aesthetics just don’t matter ;). I hope work calms down for you soon and the conference is a rip-roaring success!

  2. Oh man, I need me a copy of that app myself. So glad to see you (!); I was thinking of emailing to see if all was well, but I’ve had my own issues with interuptus lately and that includes email. 🙂 I’m having a lot of trouble doing more than thinking about lots of items on my wishful do list.

    Here’s hoping your work hell will settle down by the time the boys arrive (?). But that would probably just be too much to ask, wouldn’t it? 😉

    Holy COW are those not the cutest ultrasound pictures I’ve ever seen? Seriously not just saying that. Those pictures make my uterus hurt.

    I’m glad you are all okay, if burning it at both ends. Sorry you were sick. I might have to send you guys a care package.


  3. Danielle

    Soooooo glad for an update, I’ve been thinking of you all often.


  4. I missed you! So glad to hear that the baby boys are well. Fantastic u/s pics! I love that you can see the spine and bones and everything! Wow. I cannot believe it’s 23 weeks already. Fly, time, fly.

    Sorry about the misery stuff. Long work hours, sickness, things that suck in general. I guess if the recliner sucks (for you), you can always trade it in later for a pair of rocking horses for two little boys!

    Thinking of you and Joey often and wishing you all good things!

  5. those pictures are amazing. i love the first one, with both of their profiles, side-by-side…wow!

    sounds like life has been busy – i hope all settles down soon.

  6. I just checked your blog early yesterday to see when you last posted because I was wondering about you guys, and then…viola! So happy the boys are doing so well. Sorry things have been a little rough with you and Joey but glad you’re coming to the other side at least. 23 weeks! Crazy!!

  7. I’ve missed you!! I’m glad that the babies are doing great, but sorry to hear of all the craziness going on! No wonder you’ve been MIA. The boys look so adorable in their pics!

    I laughed when I read about the recliner because J’s always wanted one, and I fought her tooth & nail until I finally gave in. Now, I think I sneak on it more than she does LOL.

  8. Hope things are looking up for you now. Those shots are great. That first one? I think you should blow it up and frame it or something. I’ve never seen one like that before, where one twin is “shadowing” the other.

  9. Awesome u/s pics! I agree with the others that that first scan is just crazy cute. Happy 23 weeks 🙂

  10. tbean

    My goodness your life has been busy! It is so great to hear from you–I wasn’t worried, but I was missing your updates regardless! Sorry Joey is still suffering but happy to hear the boys are strong and healthy and growing well. 23 weeks–that is amazing!

  11. alimis

    Glad to have an good update from you all. 23 weeks?!?! Goodness time flies!

  12. Sorry for all the hard times!

  13. poppycat

    The boys look great!

    I’ve been thinking of you. You posted just in time as I was getting ready to send the “is there something wrong with your link/is everything ok” email. Sounds like life is overwhelming right now hu? That’s how things went for us too. I understand. I hope you get a peaceful break sometime soon.

    Good to hear things are going ok with the kids and I hope life settles back into an easy and peaceful rhythm soon.

  14. I’m so happy to see your update! I’m sorry for the hardships lately but I’m glad you are generally good and the boys are doing so well!

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