Picture update

Joey is now 26w 6d pregnant. No you didn’t miscalculate: I was slow to upload the last u/s pics. The newest u/s was mucho blurry. So I decided to update with a new Joey picture instead. Behold the belly which is full of over 4 lbs of baby boy. Baby A is 2 lb 1 oz and Baby B is 2 lbs. Big boys.



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11 responses to “Picture update

  1. Joey looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. tbean

    Awesome photos! 8 lbs of baby in there? Amazing! And, you are about to hit trimester 3! Where did the time go? Over here in my world, every day lasts a year!

  3. wow, joey looks great! i cant believe ya’ll are almost 27 weeks already! how did that happen?!

  4. Great pics! Joey looks wonderful! (BTW, my grandma went by Joey and I love that name 🙂

  5. Oh wow! She looks great!! Gosh, it’s hard to believe how fast time has flown…

  6. CIK-W

    absolutely beautiful!!!! what a perfect looking wife and baby bump 🙂

    And of course I have to comment on the wonderful yard, though, not nearly as beautiful as Joey !


  7. Looking good, Joey! Terrific baby weights, too! Good job. : )

  8. Wow- she looks fantastic! Can’t believe there’s two in there! Almost 3rd tri- whoo hoo!

  9. Ohhhh, what a great bump! I hope she’s feeling as good as she looks. And I will certify that big baby boys are awesome!

  10. poppycat

    Looking good Joey! You have a lovely glow about you.

  11. Excellent! I can’t believe how fast it’s going. Twin boys are so much fun, you’re going to love it. Hope the last tri will go great.

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