Joey and I are back from our first shower, which was at my parents’ house. I must admit that Joey and I were more than a little leery before we went. My mother kept putting off the date, changing her mind about who should come and generally being evasive about having the shower. So we just weren’t sure how the day would go.  But we were pleasantly surprised. My two high school besties showed up as did a house full of aunts and cousins. We laughed and talked the afternoon away. My one question though: why do people not pay attention to baby registries? Joey and I are the proud owners of a wealth of matching baby outfits, many of them monogrammed. I think twins must push the precious gene in people. Happily though, one side of the family gave us money and Joey and I picked up a wide variety of useful items from BRUS. One shower down: 2 to go. Hopefully we will get the nursery back in order today and I can share some pictures soon.

In other news, Joey had another ultrasound on Friday. The boys are growing so well. Baby A weighs 3 pounds and Baby B weighs 2 lb 14 oz. At this rate, we should have 6 lb boys!  Joey is now 28 weeks, 5 days…. wow. My new favorite thing she does is ask me for help putting on her socks and her pants. Bending does not happen. :0)

And I leave with a picture of the loot and a very telling photo.



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18 responses to “Showered

  1. Marvelous weights! Great names!! Save receipts and return most newborn and 0-3 month clothes!!! ; )

    Exclamation marks aside, it really is terrific that the boys’ weights are so similar, because there’s not much you can do but worry if one starts outpacing the other. At 28w2d, I. was 2 lb, 7 oz and N. was 3 lb, 2 oz. I made it to 36w3d, and I.’s birth weight was 4 lb, 13 oz; N., 5 lb, 9 oz.

  2. Oh, wow! You picked out names! SO EXCITING. I’ve been out of the loop (on purpose) with blogs, but was delighted to check in today and see this. Congrats, and so glad everything continues to go well. xo

  3. looks like a fun party!! there are definitely 2 types of gift givers – those who stick to the registry, and give you whatever practical, if unexciting, gift you asked for (cloth diapers/burp cloths, butt paste, etc), and those that stray for cuteness! hoping your next showers are full of the former!

    i love their names!! what a fun way to announce on your blog! :~)

    on the subject of naming – do you already know which baby is which? meaning, baby A is aiden and baby B is seth (or vice versa)? or are you going to wait until they are born to decide? we were just talking about this issue – with same-sex twins, even if we can agree on 2 names in advance, how do you decide in advance who is who? i think we will have to wait until after they are born to figure it out!

  4. Peony

    Cute names! Congrats that the babies are growing nicely.

  5. Movie Gyrl

    Those are great names!!!!! Glad that the babies are doing well and that the baby shower was a success:)

  6. tbean

    Hey–great names! Thanks for sharing! So glad the mom-sponsored shower was better than you expected, that’s terrific to hear. And An Offering of Love posed a very good question that I hadn’t thought of before. We’ll soon see if I have to answer that one for myself!

  7. Love the names! Cute gifts! I received mainly clothes as well, with a couple of things off of my registry.

  8. Cute names!! The whole notgettingthingsoffoftheregistry is one reason that I’m glad we didn’t fid out the sex- there is so little gender neutral clothing that people tend to stick to the registry.

  9. Danielle&Elly

    Great names and congrats on the first load of loot : )

    As for the registery part… ya, it’s a crap shoot. I used to be a registry shopper cause I had no idea what to buy. But now I’m a bit of registry deliquint only because I have a little more experience and often try and get the stuff I found most helpful. My favorite purchase being the portable change station! We bought a plastic filling cabinet on wheels from wal.mart and filled it with diapers, creams and all the various things you’d rather not have to go BACK upstairs for for the zillionth time in 2 hours…. certainly not a registery item, but awesomely handy.

    Oh ya… and I MIGHT 🙂 sneak in a cute outfit that has no level of practicalness to it simply because I’m only human and can’t resist it any more than anyone else can 😉

    Glad things are going well.


  10. We hardly received anything off of our registry at either of our showers. We had 3 registries to choose from for convenience, why not use them?? We had to spend the better part of 2 afternoons returning things to several stores. Of course no one included gift receipts either, it was maddening! Ah well, what can you do?

  11. poppycat

    Love the names!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    We got all cute, all impractical, no usefull and very little from the registry. No joke when I say we received a box of designer $30 socks for each baby and cashmere outfits for each of them as well. Yes they were lovely, generous and lovingly gifted but what baby needs $30 socks??? How about a highchair or some sheets people? Oh well, we loved all the gifts anyway!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the shower and that the babes are so big and strong.

  12. dee

    Stunning gifts! And you have names! YAY! Do you know which boy is which or will you name them once they arrive? xxx

  13. Aaww… I love, love, love the names! (I have to admit I was staring at the first photo looking for the clue for quite a long time, before scrolling down ;))

  14. Wow, great names! And sounds like the shower was a success. I’m with you on the registry thing. I always try to stick to what someone asked for. I figure they know best 🙂

  15. I want to know whether you’ve decided which baby has which name too. Congrats on a smooth shower and picking such cute names! Most of all, congrats to the wee ones on being such growing experts – well done, boys.

  16. People just looove buying baby clothes (um, myself included, though having been there, I always buy something from the registry, too). Glad the shower went well and I agree that those are good names (I especially like Seth as it seems less common to me) Happy 3rd tri!

  17. reproducinggenius

    I’m so glad the shower went better than expected, but I just don’t know why people won’t consult the registry. We had the same experience and consequently had to buy most of what we needed ourselves. Ah well–it’s nice to be showered either way.

    I love the names–especially the one in brown (it’s my brother’s name, and he’s really fantastic, so admit a bit of bias). I can’t believe you’re already 28 weeks! I’m so, so excited for you two!

  18. Aiden and Seth! I love the names! Since you weren’t sure how the shower would go, I’m glad it turned out so beautifully. I, for one, loathe the traditional silly baby shower games, and I emphatically let everyone know it (and was spared at my own showers). BUT, no matter how often you *remind* people, you can’t get them to buy off the registry. Nope. No way. We got outfits in colors I dislike and 101 blankets. EVERYBODY wanted to make us a blanket. I sent thank you cards appropriately thanking everyone for what they sent – then I returned much of it to buy the useful and necessary items from my registry. But I get it – butt paste does not get the oooohs and aaahs when opened.

    And yay for perfectly growing baby boys!

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