Ummm, preterm labor

I am about to write a very different post than I planned to write today. Joey had a normal weekly OB appointment scheduled. They have all been so uneventful that I even debated not going with her. So so glad I went. We saw our favorite ultrasound tech at 8 then we had to wait over an hour to see the doc. He was out of the office (in deliveries) so we saw the ARNP instead. We were getting raving reviews about Joey’s BP and the babies’ growth (3’3 and 3’5 pounds) until our fantastic day came to a screeching halt. Joey mentioned to the nurse that she had some cramping last night “but nothing too intense” and the nurse decided to do an internal exam. She looked worried and said that Joey was dilated some. Another ARNP came in and did another internal exam. She was equally worried. Joey and I won a trip to labor and delivery for monitoring. We were both concerned but not freaking out as we felt that the nurses were just being overly cautious. Fast forward about an hour. Monitors engaged. Doctor called to do a check. He finds that Joey is about 70% effaced and 2 cm dilated. Cue my internal freak out!! 29.5 weeks is TOO SOON! The OB says that Joey will need to be on magnesium to try and stop this labor and she will get the steroid shots (for lung development). He also said bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. (Please let that be a long time!) So Joey will definitely be in the hospital until Monday and we are really really (to the power of infinity) hoping that our boys stay put for at least another month. Worst moment: looking at the monitor and seeing the contractions coming at regular intervals of 4-6 minutes. Thankfully the contractions seem to have slowed down now. This is scary stuff.



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24 responses to “Ummm, preterm labor

  1. poppycat

    Very scary stuff indeed. Try not to panic (ha ha). A friend of ours from our birthing class had the same problem starting at 25w. She was on hospital bedrest, prometrium supps and magnesium but got to go home from the hospital at 35w. She didn’t deliver until 37.5w and her babes are happy and healthy. Just do whatever they want you to do and know that you can do this. It’s so scary but you can totally do this and the babes are going to be fine.

    Cindy, You’ll have a lot on your plate going forward. Let me know if you need anything or if you just need to talk. Joey, bedrest blows, really blows, and time seems to stand still, but it will be over soon.

    Hang in there ladies! xoxo

  2. tbean

    Scary stuff indeed! I am thinking of the four of you and hoping that the contractions are stopped and the babies have many more weeks of baking left.

  3. Oh, I hope everything will be OK! Thinking of you, Joey, and your baby boys.

  4. Will be thinking of you and wishing you,
    Joey and the boys the very best. I hope it gives you some comfort to tell you that I was 2+cm dilated for a month before delivering, and that was without bedrest or magnesium. Praying that Joey can go longer than a month with those measures but remember that neonatal medical science is so advanced these days, that twins at 30 weeks are not uncommon. But crossing my fingers that they’ll be willing to bake at least 4 more weeks! {{{HUGS}}}

  5. I’m so sorry things are getting scary. I’m hoping for the best for you guys, the longer the better.

  6. That magnesium is supposed to be powerful stuff. Joey I hope you have a long bedrest, but time flies quickly for you. Cindy take care of yourself in all of this. You two can do this. I am happy those babes are getting such good care.

  7. N&J

    Scary stuff indeed. Hoping the meds and bedrest keep the babes in there a good long while. ♥

  8. That’s incredibly scary, Cindy. I’m thinking of you and sending a million hopes that Joey and the boys are ok and that the babies stay put for at least the next month.

  9. How stressful! So glad you had that appointment today. Here’s hoping those baby boys stay put for a good while. {{{}}}

  10. reproducinggenius

    Oh, how scary! I am sending you calm and strength and high high hopes that Joey has a nice long bedrest leading up to the birth of chubby twins many weeks from now! Hang in there, Cindy. It can’t be easy to find calm right now; lean on all of us when you need to. xo

  11. I’m praying that all goes well with the measures that doctors want you to take, and the babies stay put for another month!

  12. Wow, scary indeed. I’m glad you caught in and are doing the right interventions. Sending good thoughts so those babies stay inside where they belong!

  13. Very, very scary…but so glad that everyone is taking the necessary precautions to keep this from going any further. Wishing you all another couple of months for those babes to keep baking.

  14. Schroedinger

    Oh, thinking of you all! You are in a scary place, but I am sure you will all pull out together. Hang in there, babies– hang in there, mamas!

  15. Wow, hang in there ladies and babies! Hopefully the meds and close observation will help slow the labor down a few weeks. HUGS

  16. Claire

    Wow, so scary! Cindy, my dear, I’m thinking of you and Joey and your adorable and amazing little boys and hoping and praying that you all get a lot more time to rest and for the babies to grow! They sound like they are really healthy weights – which is good. Hang in there! Sending lots of love and hugs to the four of you.

  17. Scary indeed! I have had several friends that spent most of their pregnancy on bed rest, it was incredibly difficult for them. Hopefully it will do the trick (along with the drugs) and the twins will stay put for a few more weeks (at least).

  18. I’ll be thinking ‘stay put’ thoughts for your sons!

  19. Lots of good (anti labor) thoughts for you all … just getting back from two weeks without internet and have been off of blogs for a while. Back now and will be thinking of you. How scary that it could sneak up like that. So incredibly glad they caught it. When I think of all the times I fail to mention stuff to doctors because I decide it’s no big deal … whew!! Thank goodness Joey spoke up.


  20. Movie Gyrl

    Praying that all is going well. Stay put little babies! Thinking of all four of you and sending comforting hugs.

  21. meg

    very scary!! I know how you must feel, I’m due same time as Joey and I would be worried if it was me but just trust the doctors and I’ll send lots if positive vibes your way. thinking of you ladies. xxx

  22. holy hell, scary indeed. we have been thinking of you 2 all weekend and hoping that things are improving/slowing down. ((()))

  23. Oh, Cindy. I was holding my breath reading this post. I am thinking of you and Joey and praying your little boys hold tight. Thank God Joey said something and they checked. Sending you both hugs.

  24. Prayers and good karma to all of you! Grow babies grow!

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