Procrastination cure

You know all those tasks you think… Oh I need to get to that soon.. Yet soon is always a good week away from the important thing you are doing (like watching Glee)? Well, I know how to cure all that lack of motivation. Simply have the love of your life get scarily near delivery of your twins at 29 weeks. This method will light a large fire beneath your behind. I know because it worked for me!!

The few days Joey spent in the hospital were excruciating for me — she was uncomfortable for other reasons and this happens to be MY blog. Lol. All I could do was 1- watch my sweetie be physically wrecked from all the labor-stopping drugs, 2- read obsessively about twins born at 29 weeks 3- imagine how we would manage all the potential medical issues 4- reassure Joey that everything would be fine (yes, on occasion I am a big fat liar) 5- ruminate about all the things I needed to do at home. Wash, rinse, and repeat for the entire 5 days we/ she spent in labor and delivery. Incidentally, no one is actually very good at telling you what preterm labor feels like. “go to the ER with more than 6 contractions in an hour” is the most behaviorally specific description we got. Problem is that no one was very clear on whether that meant painful contractions or simply noticeable contractions. And then there was the talk about feeling “period-like cramps” or “pressure.” And my least favorite was, “if something just feels different, come on on.” Well friends, the truth is that small women pregnant with twins have contractions ALL THE TIME. Being 8 months pregnant leads to pressure, cramping and certainly “feels different.” So knowing when to head to the hospital is maddeningly vague.((incidentally on our latest L &D trip on Sunday, all was pronounced to be great and the staff was super supportive in saying that we did the right thing to have Joey checked out– we still felt a bit like nervous nellies though))

But I have digressed, tasks around the house was my original topic. Suffice it to say that now that Joey is at home, I have meals in the freezer, all baby clothes are washed and put away, all cloth diapers have been hot-washed 3x sans detergent, the nursery closet is re-organized and the nursery is ready for babies. Also my house is very very clean. I am beginning to feel that inner invisible fist around my heart unclenching a bit more each day.

As for Joey, she is a champ! She follows doctor’s orders and lays around all day, everyday. This is a deceptively hard task as it makes everything ache and there is a fine balance between staying off your feet enough for the cervix and too much leading to blood clots. Bedrest is not for wimps.

As for the babies– growing beautifully! They weigh 4 pounds and 4 lbs 1 oz. They are active and healthy. They even have hair on the ultrasound. And tomorrow they will cross the 32 week milestone. Cue the celebration as this is a big deal I was afraid we would not manage. Next goal: 34 weeks– when twins have comparable long term outcomes with 36 week babies. The happy upside of our L&D trip 2 days ago is that Joey now is negative for fetal fibronectin– suggesting the babes will stay put for another 2 weeks.

Breathing is getting easier. Next task: catch up on blog commenting.



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23 responses to “Procrastination cure

  1. Been wondering about you all! So happy to hear the babies are staying put and Joey is doing her best to comply with the doctor’s orders. I’m sure it’s incredibly hard for both of you. No doubt these next few weeks will fly by. I’m impressed you’re so on top of your preparations!

  2. SO happy to hear that Joey and the babies are doing well!

    Now on to you….You are Super Mama! What an amazing job you have been doing getting things done and taking care of Joey! She and the twins are so lucky to have you!

  3. I’m so glad that things are going well for you and the babies are doing alright. Nothing says love like getting a house organized for babies! 🙂

  4. So glad you all made it past that scary time. Sounds like everything is going well now and those are some nice-sized babies in there!

  5. Leah

    I was wondering about how things were going. I am glad that it appears the boys will be staying in Joey’s belly a bit longer (hopefully awhile longer!).

  6. So glad to hear that all is still well! Yay for negative fetal fibronectin! Another blogger that I read regularly delivered her baby at 35 weeks and he had no issues and went home after the typical hospital stay. So keep up the good work.

    I must say reading about all you have done to prepare made me think wishfully about what it would be like to have a partner like that!! If only. :)!!


  8. You two are heros…Joey for the bedrest and dealing with the drugs and you for getting the ship ready! I am so happy that they are still in the oven getting bigger everyday.

  9. Claire

    All this and you’re working full time?!! You are awesome! Joey is a trooper! Keep up the good work mamas! I’m so impressed!

  10. Woohoo! 32 weeks! Here’s to making 34 🙂

  11. Amy

    Um, yeah. I’ve had contractions 5-6 minutes apart for most of the last 4 days. Cervix checked yesterday: closed. Ugh! I’ve literally been contracting since 18 weeks- that’s FOUR MONTHS! I hear ya, it’s hard mentally too!

  12. Very happy to hear everything is continuing well! Every day counts. : )

  13. so glad to hear things are stable. i hope they stay inside for a while to come!

  14. yay for still-baking babies! big ones, at that! :~D

    good job getting all the prep done. pics of the nursery to share??

  15. Glad to hear the babes are still baking! 🙂

  16. Danielle&Elly

    Soooooo happy to hear all is well for you both. Indeed ‘besrest’ or house arrest as I experienced had my house in tip top shape before Elly’s grand arrival.

    I can’t wait, well, I can wait another 6-8 weeks if I must. But you know what I mean… I can’t wait to meet your babes. It has been such a long journey to this point, but the real fun begins when they actually get here. I can’t wait to hear about how in love you are with them.

    All the best


  17. poppycat

    We were SO there! I understand where you are, that’s how it was for us too. Cat was a mad woman around the house. She power washed the outside of the house, cooked a freezer full of meals, scrubbed everything and rearranged/purged every closet and cabinet in the house.

    You are a machine Cindy! Try to take some quiet time for yourself as well though, this really is your last chance for a while.

    Just a comment about keeping those babies in – many of the women in our birth class were on bedrest and meds for preterm labor. Many of them also (myself included) got all the way to full term and then had babies who were happy to stay put and needed a little jump start to get going when it came time to come out. Seems they after trying so hard to keep them in, they were perfectly happy to stay there and not come out! I’m sure that will be the case for you too.

    So glad everythng is going well. Hang in there! You are almost at the end.


  18. Phew. What a huge relief! So glad the babies are staying put–here’s hoping they continue to do so! Good for you for checking so many huge things off your list–I’m impressed! I’ll be thinking of you over these next few weeks.

  19. I am so relieved to hear that Joey and the boys are all doing well. And look at you…getting all domestic! I bet the house looks great and will be perfect when those yummy little bundles of joy arrive home.

    No, no one tells you what contractions feel like. In my one trip to the hospital for testing, they said just to come in if I thought things didn’t feel right (similar to what they told Joey). It doesn’t give much guidance, does it?

    I hope the next few weeks go quickly for you all. Love and hugs.

  20. tbean

    Awesome news that the bedrest has done its job and the babies are in through the 32 week mark. I have a feeling you’ll easily get to 34 weeks and beyond. Terrific!

  21. I’m so incredibly impressed/thrilled for both of you. Go Joey for her bakin baby goodness and Go you for having everything SO under control!!!

  22. p

    Happy to hear all is going good and the babies are growing. I am sure bedrest must be so hard but sounds like she is coping. At least you guys are all ready now. Hang in there those strong healthy babies will be here soon.

  23. Yay! I’m so glad to hear that the babes and Joey are doing so well and everything has calmed down a little bit. Good job getting the house in shape!

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