Week 33 picture update



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21 responses to “Week 33 picture update

  1. Woah, look at the gorgeous belly! So cute! 🙂 Which reminds me, I haven’t taken belly pics in months!

  2. tbean

    Look at that giant belly! Wonderful! And big congrats on making it to week 33–how terrific. I bet you hit 34, 35, even 36 easy and have healthy, big, full-term boys around Halloween time! OMG–that is so freakin’ soon, I just got really excited for you!

  3. hot damn, that’s one sexy belly.

  4. What a wonderful baby belly! You should paint it orange for halloween 🙂

  5. Lucy

    Ah! What a fantastic belly! You’re so far along and you look absolutely great 🙂

  6. Looking good! I’m glad you’ve taken these photos. I wish I had more of the end of my twin pregnancy. When I look at these pics, I can feel that huge, hard, heavy belly pushing down on my hips. Memories…

  7. That is one awesomely beautiful belly!

  8. Schroedinger

    Lookin’ good! That is one impressive belly!

  9. joey looks gorgeous!!

    easy for me to say though, since i am not the one pregnant with twins 😉 [i got an email from R a few minutes after your post wondering how her belly would grow that much more in just another 10 weeks..!]

    how is J feeling? is the weight of two babies getting uncomfortable?

    • LOL. I know the feeling. I used to show Joey pictures of Poppy’s belly and we were amazed at the thought that Joey would be able to get there too. And here we are– Joey now has over 9.5 pounds of baby baking and her belly is super hard and HEAVY. I hope you have a good recliner and I cannot wait to see R when her belly is this big.

  10. Movie Gyrl

    Beautiful belly pics. Babies will be here soon!! Wow soon you will get to hold two babies in your arms!!! How amazing is that !!!!

  11. Claire

    Congratulations on some serious mama belly! Joey looks great! I vote for some pics with you in too, mama C!!!
    Tell her to keep reclining and snoring and she’ll do just fine! I’m tempted to paint my belly orange too!
    I think you may have just inspired me to post a belly pic too:)

  12. I showed my husband, and his eyes were sort of popping out of his head. Yup, that’s gonna be me in 13 weeks. I’m soo glad to see she’s still baking those babies1

  13. poppycat

    Gorgeous! Can you believe how much the body can do to accomodate them??? Amazing. Glad they are still baking!


    How did I miss this awesomeness?!?!?!?!?!?!

    That is one.crazy.awesome.belly.

    It is so perfect– it is like.. “movie” baby belly. Or.. something that could be in commercials or something. you need to get her an agent. STAT. 🙂

    do you know HOW SOON you are gonna have two itty bubbies in your home? I can’t WAIT!

  15. Wow! Such a beautiful and ROUND belly! Those boys are curled into perfect circles, apparently! I hope Joey is feeling okay. I remember feeling like my skin was stretched to the limit….with ONE boy!

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