Bloggy guilt

I want to blog. I do!!! I want to share all these early first happy moments with this community who have cheered me through the dark days. I want to jot down baby thoughts so that they are not lost…. And yet, I can’t seem to make the blogging happen. I have been loving the November daily blog posts from everyone though so I am going to attempt to jump in and try to reciprocate (though unlikely daily).

These early baby days have been wonderful. Our boys are generally good-natured about most things. They smile and make early coo noises as they sit wide-eyed and examine this world. Light playing across the wall seems to hold endless fascination for them. And our boys hold joey and I in rapt attention. We marvel in every grin, coo and even cry. Of course a personal favorite is holding one or both babies against my chest and watching them sleep. LOVE!

Not all times are hall.mark quality though. There have been disagreements about who should visit and when and about parenting minutiae. Also sometimes the boys get on the exact same feeding schedule which results in crying and a frantic mom (when alone). Other times, the boys are so not on the same schedule that one or both mommies end up holding at least one unhappy baby allnight. Then there are tummy aches, reflux and unknown irritants… Hectic.

But in the end, these are good days. And now I will not be more specific to try and save up some topics for later posts.

Seth, lying agains my chest.

We’ve grown so much!



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11 responses to “Bloggy guilt

  1. i wouldn’t blog either if i had beautiful baby boys to gaze at with adoration.

  2. poppycat

    I feel you on this one. I have soooo many things to blog about, so much to share, but it just never happens. There isn’t enough time and if there were more time, it would still go to them.

    I’m so happy to be reading about the joys of motherhood here on BHH! Wonderful.

    Those boys are so perfect and sweet.

  3. Amy

    Beautiful! And advanced, to be tracking already and focusing like that and cooing! Congratulations again. I’ve been a miserable blogger too, and the feeding…if they’re hungry together I try to tandem nurse (if the pillow’s handy and other conditions are optimal) but I kind of hate it. It’s stressful to make one wait, though. File under “twin stuff I don’t have figured out just yet.” sigh.

  4. dont feel guilty – thoughtful/long posts aren’t necessary, just keep posting those adorable pics!! :~)

  5. tbean

    Of course I LOVE hearing from you and seeing your beautiful boys. But it makes me even happier to think you are too busy being their mom and soaking them in than to get on the computer and tell us about it!

  6. I remember with nostalgic fondness the days I blogged daily. Last year. Now my “free” time is spent trying to make a little boy laugh. Not a bad trade-off, really.

    It’s SO good to see your posts, though, to hear about and see those sweet little boys. The joy, the difficulties, the love. Being a mommy isn’t glamorous at all, but oh-so-wonderful!

  7. Love it! Postasyou can!

  8. Totally understandable that you can’t blog as often. Enjoy those little loves! They’re adorable.

  9. Natalie

    I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying motherhood!

  10. I’m happy to get any bit I can. I’m happy these are good days.

  11. No need to apologize, ever, for not blogging/commenting as often. Many of us have been there and know what it’s like! Great pics. : )

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