Picture pages

Because what else would I be doing besides blog updating at 4:30 AM? 😉



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16 responses to “Picture pages

  1. tbean

    Oh Cindy I could just eat them up! They are so precious. I’m sorry you were blogging at 4 am but I’m happy we get to ogle these adorable photos. Cindy–you have BABIES! 🙂

  2. Oh, they are just gorgeous! You look so happy 🙂
    Double the hard work, but double the rewards…

  3. EB

    Oh man, delurking to say how totally cute are those babies!!

  4. Oh, they are so handsome!! I’m sure you just sit and stare at them! Enjoy your holidays with them – nothing could be better than having your children here for the season!

  5. Seriously. Cute. Babies. enough said!

  6. Natalie

    Ohhhh, they are the sweetest!!!

  7. so cute! I wanna squish them.

  8. Sweetness overload! They are just gorgeous.

  9. oh cindy!!!! the one of you holding both boys lo0ks like heaven. what sweet babies you have. congratulations momma!! 🙂

  10. Claire

    So sweet and heart warming! I want to kiss their sweet little faces!!!!

  11. poppycat

    Oh my. I just love those sweet tiny newborn faces. They are just beautiful and Cindy, motherhood becomes you.

  12. They look so warm and soft and yummy in their crib. I LOVE how they nestle with each other, given the chance.
    You look like a natural, btw. 🙂

  13. omg- how did I MISS THIS POST!?!?!?!?! !

    they are so.freaking.cute.

    SO CUTE!!!!

  14. …just catching up: they are GORGEOUS.
    Also, you twin moms are serious rockstars. Really. I am so impressed and amazed by all of you.

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