More picture pages

Sorry for the poor quality. These are all iPhone pics since I cannot find the battery charger for my real camera. Cest la vie!



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13 responses to “More picture pages

  1. Wonderful pictures! Makes me want to blow raspberries on their bellies!

  2. Beautiful!

    BTW, your last post really cracked me up. I pulled it up in a window, as I usually do when I fly through my blogger reader to see what’s new in there that I want to read. And then it sat, maybe all day until my butt hit the seat again long enough to read for more than 20 consecutive seconds. Having scanned the first lines or so (whatever is visible in the reader), I thought it was going to be an Awww kind of post. Didn’t I get a kick out of it when I finally read it. You are a girl after my own heart.

    XXOO to all.

  3. Nicole

    Beyond adorable!

  4. Precious! They are both darling! They have such expressive eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  5. alimis

    Your babies are so adorable. Beautiful pics-I really like the very last one.

  6. oh they are so squishy!! thanks for sharing.

  7. poppycat

    Oh my god, the cuteness! What a couple of handsome boys.

  8. psmithart6

    Oh my god. The boys are so adorable. I am sure you are enjoying every moment with them.

  9. I LOVE them! They have such yummy chubby cheeks and tummies! Not sure what they are eating, but it agrees with them! I also think one of your sons looks kind of like my boy (yes?) . Then again, maybe chubby cheeks/blondish-baldish heads all look the same! BTW, the last pic is my favorite.

  10. I’m late to say this, but, SO cute. If you don’t have the time/energy for blogging, you can always tide us over with pictures!

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