Favorite moments

The boys just keep getting more fun. They grow and change every day and their mommies marvel at every little thing. At almost 4 months, their connection to us is clear. They listen to us talk, get excited when we sing and dance, regard us seriously as we read and they smile and laugh with us. I think there is nothing sweeter than one of our boys looking directly at us and cheesing a big gummy smile. Yep, this is the reason we walked through ttc hell: moments like these. Some of the sweetest moments each day happen 1) on the changing table (or the changing table of happiness as we have dubbed it) and 2) in the bath tub. They love their little plastic bath thingy but they kept acting like they wanted to swim. So now either Joey or I get into the big bath tub with them and the fun really cranks up. They kick, splash, flap their arms and laugh out loud. We cannot wait to take them to an actual pool- such water babies!

And some of my proudest mommy-moments to date occured last week. Joey was out of town from Thursday to late Saturday evening and I took care of the boys solo! Yes, they got me up every 2 hours during the night (why???) but aside from that, we had smooth sailing.

And personalities, our sons have ’em! Seth is sweet and mellow. He smiles almost all the time. We often call him Sunshine, because he just is. Seth is happy to play with us, coo at the pooh above his bed or laugh at the ceiling fan. He is naturally cheerful and patient. His flip side is that he has a temper. When something annoys him (though rare), he lets out an ear-piercing screech that has us dubbing him, Pterydactil. Funny boy! Aiden is stormier. He is a cuddle bug. He loves to be with his mommies and he is interested in everything. I think when he can move himself about, he will be ecstatic. And yet, he is emotional. He cries, alot. Loud noises upset him, his carseat is too constraining, and he will not be forgotten. He has learned that a loud coo will get attention most of the time and he is using his power like a precious grinning dictator. Oh, the things he’ll get into some day!



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15 responses to “Favorite moments

  1. Your boys are gorgeous! Smiles and laughs make everything worth it. Looking forward to those with my twins in the near future!

  2. They are so squishy and happy!! Baby bath times are the best!

  3. I agree, bath time is the best! They’re adorable and loving that water.

  4. What a great post! And those pics are just too adorable.

  5. Movie Gyrl

    They are so cute!!!! Thank you for taking the time out to update us. Glad to see that all is going well.

  6. they are soooo sweet!!! im looking forward to ours getting a little bigger, thanks for the reminder of the good times ahead!! xo

  7. How very sweet!!! What a lovely post to read. You all deserve these wonderful moments after your long road here.

  8. I loved this post! They are just too cute!!! And I love changing Dylan, we talk to each other and smile, it’s the sweeting thing, so I know what you mean 🙂

  9. I love how happy you sound.

  10. Libberal

    What great pics! He obviously loves that water.

  11. reproducinggenius

    They are so lovely! One or the other of us bathed with BG for a number of months because he really wanted the freedom, and it was so special! I’m so glad you two are enjoying this with your boys. Doesn’t it make you long for a big giant tub that you can all get into?

    Love their emerging personalities. They really are beautiful!

  12. We love having mommy-baby bath time in our house, too. It’s so much more fun than a bath seat. Recently I also had 2 of my boys solo and it was great! I loved the one on one time. 🙂

  13. OMG, why has it never occurred to me to take a bath with the baby????!! The pics make it look DIVINE and I swear I’m doing it this weekend.

    Yayyyy for fun baby boys! I totally agree that as they get older and connect with you more and more, it gets so much more fun. I love how your boys are so different, their own little individual persons at 4 months. Happy, happy mommyhood, Cindy. 🙂

  14. poppycat

    Look at those cute water babies!!! Love it.

    Isn’t it great when they finally start smiling and interacting? Its the yummy goodness that we all dreamed of during those hellish months of ttc isn’t it?

    The boys sound like so much fun. Congrats on the solo flight! It isn’t easy and you’re a rockstar mama!

  15. I’m a bit late commenting on this, but your boys are adorable. I love hearing about their personalities. Now that we know we have a boy coming, I’m going to spend the next 16 weeks or so imagining what his personality might be.

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