….Mommy is very funny and sometimes she’s just phht.



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21 responses to “Sometimes

  1. Hee! Reminds me of the two theatre faces.

  2. Libberal

    This recalls “My Fambly’s” latest post of first food faces. Very funny.

  3. They are so big! I always picture them as tiny new borns still.


  5. Movie Gyrl

    So adorable!!!!

  6. pomegranate

    seriously, could they get any cuter?

  7. I can’t believe how BIG they are!! Gorgeous little baby boys.

  8. Best twin picture ever 🙂

  9. God, they look AWESOME!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Leah

    Those are two seriously cute little boys!

  11. they are just too cute! 🙂

  12. poppycat

    OMG seriously, could they be any cuter??? Love those eyes and those cheeks!

  13. What a great, funny, adorable, sweet, heart-warming post! God, they are cute!

  14. LOVE it! They are soo precious!

  15. wow, look at how big they are! So cute.

  16. Ohhhhhh sooooo cuuuuute!

  17. CJ

    They are just too cute for words! I love their expressions!

  18. Wow! It’s been a long time since you’ve posted!

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