Do I still have anything to say?

I haven’t been around these blog-parts with consistency of late– just some lurking– and I find that I miss this community. Then I also wonder if I still have anything to say. I find that I cannot readily connect to my blog anymore and I think the issue may be the name. I named my blog on a day when I felt quite certain that trying to get pregant was in and of itself the whole journey– no baby (or 2) and no ending place. Just frustration. forever.

But life is different now. I am a mom of 22 month old twins (wait technically the father on paper but that is a whole different story for another post) and life is pretty darn good. So I found that my happier self writing in the infertility blog felt a bit disingenuous. Then I noticed that in real life, I talk freely about my miscarriage and being infertile because I hate how invisible people become around those issues. The pain is so real and yet, we don’t own it. We cut ourselves off from one another and support and I don’t want to do that. I have kids though not from my own body and I think that is a story worth telling. So here I am. I am not sure where this writing will end up and I have no well-defined plans. Wanna ride?



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9 responses to “Do I still have anything to say?

  1. Hey! I saw your comment on bwub’s blog and decided to check in!
    I think we should all write what ever it is that is true/real now. The ‘what comes after’ is the hardest to imagine when you are in the thick of trying to get pregnant. Of course, I’m one to talk!but my reasons for not writing are multilayered (logistical, not just my experience, no time), but I aspire to write!

  2. tbean

    I’m in! I’ve often thought about you guys and wondered what life was like these days. I hope you’ll share!

  3. Danielle

    Ready for the ride and looking forward to hearing all about how life is in your neck of the woods.

  4. Yeah! Good to have you back!!! You will find a way!

  5. lesboparentstobe

    So glad you’re back! I’ve thought of you all often and hoped all was well. I will definitely be following along if you start writing again.

  6. Hey, great to see you. I’ve been away for a while and finally got around to catching up on blogs when I saw a recent post from you in my blogroll on the old (now locked) blog. I have been wondering how you all were doing. I miss your writing and following your story … it would be great to catch up here if you have time to post again … however sporadically. Hope to see you here (or anywhere) soon. 🙂

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