Our Current Cycle

2/10/2010 suppression check and mock transfer: SUPPRESSED! lining thin and E2 = 20. Joey was a champ.

2/22/10 lining check and E2. Lining = trilayer. E2 = 838

3/3/2010 egg thaw, 7 eggs ICSI’d and 5 eggs fertilized

3/8/2010 embryo transfer, 2 perfect A quality embryos transferred. 2 B quality and 1 A quality embryos frozen.

PUPO– not many symptoms, somewhat sore bbs with some “roadmaps”, warmer than usual, maybe some extra hunger (???) nothing conclusive

3/16/2010 first positive hpt! 2 lines came up immediately. Very happy at 7dp5dt

beta = 254

3/18/2010 beta #2 =  672

3/22/2010. beta #3 = 3821

4/1/2010. Unexpected and scary cramping and spotting

4/2/2010. first ultrasound. TWINS confirmed! Baby A 6w1d BPM 109: Baby B 6w2d BPM 121.


One response to “Our Current Cycle

  1. Michelle

    Just stumbled upon your blog and a big congrats to the two of you!!

    I am thinking about et and a bit nervous. Live in Northern Calif. and researching options also looking into adoption the traditional way……

    Blessings take good care and nurture yourselves!!

    Michelle Young

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